First Grade Vocabulary Games

First Grade Vocabulary Practice Games

Keep learning fun! As first grade teachers know, more important than helping first graders learn new words is helping them develop a lifelong love of learning. A great way to continued…

Parts of Speech Games

Parts of Speech – Science Words Primary Dolch Parts of Speech
Story Blanks: Pick the Words Waiting For The Fun To Start!

Compound Word Games

Compound Animal Word Match Compound Words – Transportation
Divide the Compound Words General Compound Word Match

Contraction Games

Fill It In: Contractions Game Fill It In: Un-Contraction Game
K-2 Contractions Memory Match Primary Contractions Game

Syllable Games

Matilda Syllable Game Primary Science Syllables
Ramona Forever Syllable Game Syllables: Primary Math

Spelling Games

Letter Blocks Word Builder Ramona Forever Spelling Game
Unscramble and Spell Dolch Words Unscramble and Spell Math Word
Unscramble and Spell Science Words Enjoy The Games!

Foreign Language Games

Abbreviation Match Game Common Foreign Phrase Meaning
English Word Recognition Game Fill It In: English Spanish Vocabulary
French and English Word Match German and English Word Match
Latin Abbreviation Game Latin-English Matching Game
Latin-English Word Match Literal Latin Memory Game
Math Match – Spanish and English Spanish English Word Match
Spanish Word English Definition Spanish/English Color Match

Context and Definition Games

Primary Dolch Defintion Match Primary Math Definition Game
Primary Science Definition Game Ramona Forever Vocabulary Context

Word Play

8 Letters in Search of a Word Clueless Crossword Puzzle
Hang Mouse Word Game Hig Pig Word Game
Higgy Piggy Word Game Match and Make: Oxymorons
Primary Alphabetizing Game Unscramble the Words
Word Search Game Waiting For Some Friends To Play Fun Online Games With!

Idioms Games

Animal Slang Game Feelings Slang Game
Food Slang Game Idioms Game – Slang Game
Money Slang Game More Idioms Game


combine both of these goals is to have first graders reinforce their vocabulary lessons by playing entertaining learning games. Practicing vocabulary concepts in a fun fashion goes a long way toward ensuring students acquire new Language Arts skills all the while instilling in them a lifelong love of learning.

Parents should be aware that first grade writing skills are closely linked to vocabulary acquisition at that age. With this in mind, parents can help their children meet literacy goals by including in their kids’ first grade vocabulary building program online vocabulary games that students love. Thanks to these, students can practice playing with first grade math vocabulary games, first grade science vocabulary games, first grade Dolch words games and other first grade vocabulary word lists, having fun while learning! Finally, you can use or create printable worksheets to help your first grade student excel.