Foreign Language and ESL Games

Learning Foreign Languages

Given today’s ever-shrinking world, learning foreign languages has never been more important. As increased access to technology is blurring cultural and economic lines around the globe, speaking a foreign language is an indispensable asset continued…

Foreign Language and ESL Games

Abbreviation Match Game Common Foreign Phrase Meaning
English Word Recognition Game Fill It In: English Spanish Vocabulary
French and English Word Match German and English Word Match
Latin Abbreviation Game Latin-English Matching Game
Latin-English Word Match Latin English Phrase Match
Math Match – Spanish and English Spanish English Word Match
Spanish Word English Definition Spanish/English Color Match

In fact, even acquiring basic level skills in one or several foreign languages is bound to have a sizable beneficial impact on one’s career and life in general. A great way to begin to learn a foreign language is through online games. Kids and adults alike love learning foreign words and phrases using fun matching games.

Long before French scholar Champollion deciphered the three Rosetta Stone languages nearly 100 years ago, the advantages of learning a foreign language were clear. Indeed, foreign language learning statistics show that those who speak more than one language often have greater success in their careers. Foreign language education is therefore an important topic to tackle.

Fortunately, foreign language teachers have many foreign language resources at their disposal, including excellent foreign language lesson plans. Other resources include material for drafting foreign language quizzes as well as some very useful foreign language vocabulary games to learn the meanings of common foreign language phrases.

Other foreign language and ESL games include word matches for various languages, such as French-English translation and German-English translation. Similar word match games for Spanish-English translation are also available for specific vocabulary lists, including numbers and colors.