How Can I Build My Vocabulary And Why Would I Do That

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How can I build my vocabulary and why would I do that

People judge you not only based on your appearance, face expressions and fashion style, but also on the way you speak and what you have to say. Even if you are a brilliantly gifted artist or an electronic genius, it would be hard to give an impression of an intelligent person if you have limited vocabulary or can’t express yourself verbally. That is why more and more people come to the Internet with “how can I build my vocabulary” online searches, purchase specialized softwares and read self help books.

All these methods have proved to be helpful in case a person is ready to demonstrate some some patience, will power, purposefulness, and, what is extremely important as well – a great deal of interest to the vast resources of our language. One of the most helpful habits in the vocabulary building process is to take out the unfamiliar words you come across in the stream of speech in the course of a day. It is a natural reaction to ignore them or to forget at once, as if something you haven’t learn till this time was not worth learning.

Instead, try to give these words your highest priority, investigate their meaning and origin, the most common cases of their usage, examples of sentences with these words and so on. It might sound tedious, especially of you are a technically oriented person who is used to dealing with numbers and integrals. But very soon you will understand that the the world of words is not less fascinating, and paying attention to every word in the spoken language or written text is a direct answer to the question “how can I build my vocabulary”.

Some people find it helpful to execute the techniques they used to use in elementary school. You can keep a workbook where you write all the unfamiliar words, and after you find out their meaning, you write them a few times to memorize the spelling. Also, it would be useful to write also a coupler of sentences using the words you’ve just learned.

And of course, the reading has always been a universal method to build one’s vocabulary. It’s a natural process of increasing the active and passive supplies of words in your vocabulary, so it is crucial to read at least twenty minutes a day. There is no way around reading: if you do not like classics, you can shift to the non fiction books, or self development literature, or biographies, or even textbooks, but without reading the most advance techniques of increasing your vocabulary would not be quite sufficient.