How Software Can Help Kids With Spelling Trouble

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How Software Can Help Kids With Spelling Trouble

Are you tired of trying to force your child to learn with boring spelling lists, time consuming tests, and rules that make root canal seem fun? Have you ever wished you could make spelling something your child wants to study because it’s actually fun and interesting? Have you ever felt that spelling is demanding too much of your child’s (and your) time and that there ought to be a faster way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, reading this article could be the best thing you do all day.

Why? Because there is a software program for home computers, and laptops that answers all the above, and more, to provide your child with the expert instruction they need, in a fun, rewarding, and effective way.

We all know that it is hard keeping kids off the computer. Whether they are playing games, chatting to their friends, or even doing school work, kids love using computers. So why not make the most of this, and turn it to your advantage? That’s what top educational software producers eReflect did when dreaming up their latest program to help people with their spelling, and it has been such a success with children, and adults alike, that have given Ultimate Spelling maximum plaudits.

Be assured though, Ultimate Spelling is not a game-based program like others on the market. Rather it is the using the program where the fun comes from. Cleverly designed by makers eReflect, they have incorporated 7 separate “learning advantages” into the program to give the spelling student the very best tuition possible. They haven’t had to worry about flashy graphics, and novelty factors to make their program fun, because the very act of using it is the enjoyable bit. One look at the website, and the large screenshots is testimony enough to this. In fact it is hard not to want to have a go right there, and then.

Tests, drills, Grade 1-10 words lists, do-it-yourself word list creation, personalized monitoring, continual tracking of progress, a massive 142,647 word dictionary/thesaurus, audio prononciation function with over 20,000 words spoken in a real human voice, access to Word Discovery on the Internet to check word facts, and the ability to learn words via Windows Messenger wherever you may be doing your surfing on the web are just some of the features of Ultimate Spelling that make the task of learning to spell much more than just a task.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Ultimate Spelling does all the work for the kids, because it doesn’t. If they spell a word wrong, they have to keep practicing it until they have spelled it correctly at least once before the program will move onto a new word. There is also a “learn by definition” drill which gives them something to think about too.

Educational software such as Ultimate Spelling helps kids with spelling trouble because it actively engages them in the process of learning in a fun, as well as effective way that guarantees results, and improvement. Children can use the program on their own, but equally parents can join in the experience too, and watch their beloved offspring make giant strides in their literacy.

Using Ultimate Spelling is a win-win scenario that will always have a happy ending.