How Spelling Software Can Help Kids

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How Spelling Software Can Help Kids

Whether your child is just starting to speak, and form words, or is in the 10th Grade about to begin their exams, learning to spell is an on-going experience during these early years of education.

No doubt mum, and dad, and maybe siblings too have helped the younger members develop their spelling from the time they set out trying to participate in the world, and learn to communicate their wants, and desires. But there is a limit to the amount of time the most dedicated family mentor can keep spelling out words for the curious beginner. It can be fun, at first, but over time does become a little tedious.

However, it is important not to communicate this lack of continued enthusiasm for little Johnnie’s tireless interest in words, so thankfully there are other aids available – most notably software for the home computer.

There are in fact many reasons why using software is actually the perfect medium for learning to spell – the main one being that virtually every household now has a computer, and virtually all members of the family will have experience of using them. Being very prevalent in schools now, makes computer-use almost second-nature for even the youngest family member. Hence everyone can use it with ease, which means using spelling software will also be easy – and fun – for even that youngest of the brood.

In fact making learning fun is the best form of teaching, and with software packages such as Ultimate Spelling, much fun can be had even for the oldest student. Traditionally, spelling games like Hangman, or I Spy are good family games that are not only fun to play in their own right, but are useful for teaching young children rudimentary words as they put the sounds to the words.

Well, as far as the makers of Ultimate Spelling software goes, they have taken that principle, and built it into their program to ensure that it is not only a joy to use, but ultimately rewarding too. Contained within the program are fusion drills, dictation drills, and word rhymes, as well as a personalized learning graph that keeps track of the drills, and tests to give parents an up-to-the-minute reading of their child’s progress. And progress has to be made because this piece of software won’t let the user progress until they have spelt each word correctly at least once. So not only is it fun – its strict too!

With a massive 142,647 word dictionary/thesaurus, and 20,147 audio pronunciations (delivered by human voice, not robot), Ultimate Spelling covers not only all the major words in ever day use but many more besides to keep the learning experience fresh, and evolving. Added to that the program also contains 100 spelling lists specially formulated for school Grades 1-10 (10 lists per Grade) which ensures children will be keeping up to date with their classmates.

So, parents, if you are tired of trying to force your child to learn with boring spelling lists, time consuming tests, and rules that make root canal seem fun, and wished you could make spelling something your child wants to study because it’s actually fun and interesting, then a software package like Ultimate Spelling is just what you need.

And you never know – you just might learn how to spell a new word too.