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How to build your vocabulary fast!

When you think about how to build your vocabulary fast, you need to remember something. With the amount of words that the English language contains one could learn a good many words a day and still have enough left over to last a lifetime. So, while you expand your vocabulary, you also need to pick and choose the words that you will learn. When you first ‘make contact’ with a new word, check to see whether it is of any use to you or not. Sometimes you’ll find that it’s one that you’re hardly ever going to use in future, and so hardly worth learning. At other times, it might be a word that you can use, but that other people might never understand. This makes it of limited value to you as well.

Generally speaking, in thinking about developing your vocabulary rapidly, you should ignore new words that you feel you will never use, at the most trying to understand what they mean, but nothing more. As for words that you can use, but others will not understand, all you need to do is make sure that you know what they mean. The third category of words, that are both useful and understandable to most people – these are really the most important category, and these are the words that your vocabulary should be made of. Hunt them out, understand them, create sentences containing them, use them in your correspondence, and make them a permanent part of your literary life.

Even this comparatively small category of words are (as you will find) still too many for a single person to learn in a lifetime, but, by concentrating on these, you will develop a vast and certainly effective vocabulary, whereas if you didn’t pick and choose the words you learn, your vocabulary might be vast, but it would be all but useless. Also this is the best way to go when you’re considering how to build your vocabulary fast. Remember, the reason you write and speak is to communicate your ideas to others, and to understand theirs in your turn. Therefore, when you develop your vocabulary, you should do it with this thought in mind, and so develop your control over more than merely your vocabulary – instead, your aim should be to maximize how well you communicate using the language.

Now, where do you pick up new words when you go about building your vocabulary rapidly? Well, one of the easiest ways is through websites that will send you a certain number of words a day if you sign up with them. So do it – sign up with them. This assures you of a steady number of words appearing in your email address every day, without you even having to look for them. Another easy way is to skim through a Dictionary. You don’t even have to do it systematically – just open the dictionary to a random page and look up a random word. Using these and other simple tricks, you’ll find that you develop a superb command of English, and a comprehensive vocabulary very quickly.