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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

How To Find Spelling Help

Finding spelling help really couldn’t be easier…once you know where to look of course. You can try all the usual places – newspaper ads, shop windows, local parish magazines, newsletters, company directories, and private/public education centers. But why waste time exploring those avenues (worthy as they are) when the more direct route is via your computer.

In all likelihood you are probably thinking that some sort of computer program would suit you best as home-study will be the most apt for your daily domestic, and working routine. And you wouldn’t be wrong. The Internet is rife with information. A quick surf will reveal a plethora of information on the subject, and visiting ezine sites will also lead you to many articles on how to get help, learn, and improve your spelling.

There are also dozens of websites offering spelling improvement software, and/or free trial demos that will keep you busy for hours searching for the one that you like the look of.

But searching the net is all very well, until you realize you are spending an awfully long time looking, and find yourself going round, and round in circles. As good as it is the Internet is a vast world where one can easily get lost, bogged down, and easily frustrated if a search starts becoming fruitless.

To help narrow the choice down to some of the best software names, here are a few that might be worth your consideration: Personal Best Spelling, Spelling Made Simple, SpellQuizzer, BigIQkids, iSpellwell, and Ultimate Spelling.

A quick browse of their websites will give an indication of what they are offering without needing to actually purchase any downloads, as they are all quite good at explaining what they do. However, there is one that sticks out from the rest mainly because it is eye-catching in its simplicity.

It’s called Ultimate Spelling, and has everything you need to make learning to spell that bit easier, and less of a struggle. It has many great features that are easy to use, and give the spelling student all the guidance, and tools he/she needs to develop good spelling skills.

The best thing about it is the way it gives you instant answers to the words you type in during the tests, and drills. It also makes it fun because it doesn’t just tell you what the word it wants you to learn is, it makes you work it out by asking you questions. For instance, it might ask you to name “a period of time containing 365 (or 366) days.” The answer is “year” of course, and if you know it, and spell it correctly you will be informed immediately. If you get it wrong, the program will tell you, and give you the right spelling. You must then practice it again, as the program doesn’t allow you to move on to a new word until you have answered a word correctly.

The other cool feature is the fact it allows you to create your own word lists so all the words you have trouble with can be typed into the program, and practiced until you get them right. It also has a voice function that speaks over 20,000 words like a real human rather than a robot. This is good because it means you can hear how words sound during your practicing.

If you are someone looking to find help with their spelling, then choosing Ultimate Spelling might provide just the help you need.