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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

How To Get Spelling Help For Kids

Sometimes getting kids to do their homework is hard enough at home, but when it comes to trying to get them to practice their spelling it seems a thankless task. You, the kind-hearted parent, know only too well how important it is that they continuously improve their spelling as they get older, because you know that having a good standard of literacy is imperative when they leave school, and maybe go onto university, or college, or even if they are going to go straight into full-time employment.

If they can’t spell adequately by the time they enter adulthood, their chances of leading a good, productive life become extremely less likely. You try telling your child that, but naturally they don’t understand. Their thoughts are on baseball, rollerblades, and ponies – not the great job they are going to secure when they leave school.
In trying to help your child with their spelling you have been through the recite/copy method, and explored all the word games that man has ever created. But you have stopped short at hiring that private tutor. At $75 per hour, you’re thinking, “Hold on, there has to be a better solution than that.”

Well, luckily there is…and your kid is just going to love it. Spelling software for the computer. Of course, makes perfect sense. Kids love playing on the computer…so give them a program they can use that will be fun, as well as educational.

  • Ultimate Spelling by eReflect is one such program. Loaded with coolness, every child using this program will be begging you to let them learn once they have seen what it can do, and how much fun they can have with their spelling exercises, and tests.
  • And it’s so easy, children can use the program on their own thanks to the way it allows users to keep track of their progress with a special monitoring system, and graph chart that maps out development.

There are three different types of spelling exercise – fusion, definition, sound – which keeps learning fresh, and interesting, and the database of 100 word lists specially selected for school Grades 1-10, ensures that children are learning the right words for their age group.

Kids can also create their own word lists so they can practice the words that give them the most problems, and with an in-built audio pronunciation function that speaks in a real human voice, your child gets to hear how the word sounds, as well as how it looks on the screen.

So, where’s the fun? The main fun is in the actual using of the program – but the addition of Word Discovery in its capability means children can investigate the nature/history of words on the Internet, as well as keep check on their spelling while doing this, or chatting to friends through Windows Messenger pop ups. Fun, and results – you get them both with Ultimate Spelling.

Half the battle in helping children with their spelling is getting them to be actively engaged in the process. With Ultimate Spelling that engagement is actively there from the word go. Well, maybe not “go” – that’s too easy to learn. How about “beginning?” That’s a nice tricky one.