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How to Help Children with Spelling

Most children who struggle with spelling often insist they do not need to be helped with spelling. If they practice long enough or write the words over and over again, they will eventually remember to spell them correctly. Their words are an excuse to hide their low self esteems and embarrassment about not being able to spell as well as they should.

Of course in this modern age of technology, there are also quite a few children who do not see why they even need to spell when there are such spell checkers like the ones found in Microsoft Word. Any excuse will do for a child who does not want to learn because he or she finds it boring or too difficult to attempt.

These children who do not want to be helped for one reason or another, how do we help them with spelling?

The answer is really quite simple. As teachers and parents, we have to utilizing spelling techniques which are not only productive but even more importantly are fun and engaging and non-threatening. There are several ways that the issue of spelling can be addressed. Here are a few ideas to “help you” help them.

1) Read often with your child. By reading, children not only learn new words, but they also have the opportunity to reinforce what they already know about spelling when they see the words in books.

2) Design activities that will allow your child to interact while learning. Such kinesthetic activities include word splashes, collages, and graffiti style spelling posters. Children love to draw, color, and paint, and they can really get into these artistic crafts. As a parent and teacher, you can support this spelling activity by placing their best efforts around the house or classroom.

3) Another spelling endeavor designed to help children with spelling is a family writing project. On family night, you and your family can work on a book about your life together. Each family should have an assigned role. Your struggling speller can be made the editor or proofreader and given a checklist to document noted errors and corrects them using a handy dandy dictionary to check for spelling accuracy. If each person takes their job seriously, then your editor will know to take his job seriously as well, and in time will learn to seek out educational resources when needed for other projects.

All of those are great ways to help your child develop his or her spelling skills, but there is another approach which is even better. This approach involves using spelling software programs such as the highly rated, Ultimate Spelling. Programs such as Ultimate Spelling offer exciting, interactive learning scenarios for children of all ages.

Children love to do anything on the computer. If you ask a child to write a paper by hand, he’ll kick and scream. You ask him to type a paper on the computer; the more pages he can type, the happier he or she is. It’s almost as if computers are nectar, and children represent hungry bees. You never have to ask children to work on the computer more than once.

Since spelling software programs are designed with a dual purpose – to help children with their spelling and keep them engaged, they are the perfect way to help your child increase his spelling skills. Your kids will feel less pressured to learn because they’ll be playing games in a relaxed educational environment. You don’t have to tell them that educational platforms like Ultimate Spelling are more than just fun and games; let’s just let them think that they have one over on the old parents. If a little deception is what we need to help our kids spell, then so be it.