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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

How To Help Children With Spelling

If you are a parent helping your child with their spelling, the chances are you will be looking for inspiration once you have exhausted all the methods you have devised yourself. Or perhaps you are beginning to sense that your child is becoming more than a little bored with the school system of memorizing word lists, and then writing them out repeatedly until the word has been correctly spelt five or six times in a row?

Playing games that involve words is possibly the best way to bring a little fun into the act of learning to spell. Hangman, I Spy, Scrabble, and Boggle are some of the simpler ones. Crosswords, and wordsearches might be alternatives for the puzzle-minded child.

But if playing games every night doesn’t fit in to your domestic schedule, then other options include hiring a private tutor, introducing audio learning to your child, or DVD tutorials.

To be honest though, the best method is sitting there right on the communal desktop – the home computer. Why is it the best method? Because every kid loves playing on the computer given half the chance. Your child is no different, just think of the countless times you have had to refuse their persistent wails, and pleas to be given an extra hour of play, or chat with their pals.

But now you could be turning that pent-up desire to your advantage by investing (modestly) in one of many computer spelling improvement programs, and turn the boring task into a playful, truly educational one. And there is one product in particular that does exactly that, combining expert tuition with exceedingly good fun. Ultimate Spelling has 7 distinct “learning advantages” to produce effective, fun-filled development on the way to improving spelling.

Importantly, the program is not games-based; the fun comes from the sheer joy experienced in using it. That’s because the screen layout design is first-class, simple, and uncluttered. It doesn’t rely on gimmicks, and off-putting colors. Its only concern is providing stimulating spelling tuition.

There are 100 word lists to suit the particular school Grade your child is in; “human” voice pronunciation of words for added emphasis, and to imbed words learned; instant automated answer-and-correction feedback from the program for every word being tested; the option to create customized word lists; personalized tracking from the in-built “instructor” to monitor progress; huge 142,647 word dictionary, and thesaurus, and use of Word Discover to further surf the net for added word facts; and through Word Messenger pop-ups the student can even keep tabs on their spelling as they listen to music, or chat with their friends.

Another winning factor to the program is the fact it won’t allow the student to move onto a new word until they have correctly spelled the word they are working on at least once, which is just the way it should be done. After all, drilling does work, but it is so monotonous. It’s okay doing it at school, but a real drag at home. Ultimate Spelling takes the drilling principle, but makes it fun.

Ultimate Spelling is the product of eReflect Learing Solutions, and as Director Marc Slater says to all parents, “If you are looking for the best way to help your children with spelling, then Ultimate Spelling is the answer. After just seven days, they will be begging you to learn!”

After seeing the product in action, you would have to say you think he may be right.