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How To Hire A Spelling Tutor

If you are a parent who has a child that is struggling to make headway with their spelling, then this can cause anxiety not only for you, but also for your child. As time wears on, and progress is clearly non-existent, you will start to wonder what can be done to help improve your child’s aptitude when it comes to words, and how to learn to spell them correctly.

Usually your child’s school will have picked up on this too of course, and offered ways to help. But there is only so much school can do with 500 other kids who need attention. There just isn’t the time within school hours to give your child one-to-one tuition. And with time just as constrained at home, it isn’t always easy to offer the support your child needs. In fact it can be harder as your child will no doubt resist having to study more at home, than they do at school. So what do you do?

Hiring a private tutor is the obvious answer. It makes perfect sense, and your child will welcome the one-to-one attention from someone other than you. There are usually many private tutors to be found in ones locality – and in fact you may well be spoiled for choice.

But you won’t be spoiled when it comes to price. Just one glance at the hourly rate will probably put you off straight away – $75 in some cases. And what good will one hour be? None at all. In fact when you add it up, you could be looking at $7,800 for one years tuition. Surely there must be another way?

And the answer is yes, there is.

It’s probably been staring you in the face for years, but you just didn’t think about it. Home computer study programs. They are just what you need. And they work…and generally cost less than one hour’s private tuition.

One of the best learning to spell products you should consider is Ultimate Spelling by eReflect. They have a proven track record in the creation, and design of top-notch educational software, and have come up with the ideal piece of programming to not only take learning to spell seriously, but make it fun too.

All parents know by now that their kids just love playing on computers. It beats writing hands down, and is just a lot more engaging. There is something about having the screen, and the colors, and all the surrounding “tools” that makes using a computer more interesting than using a pen.

Ultimate Spelling makes full use of this knowledge to create the perfect computer-using experience. The graphics are first-rate, and easy to use, and not over-crammed with fussy icons, or gimmicky unnecessary images. It’s just nicely balanced, and is attractive to users of all ages – even mum, and dad.

As for the program itself – well it has everything the struggling speller requires to make learning to spell interesting, fun, and rewarding. The three different spelling drills are designed to help the student develop spelling quickly, and keep it forever.

Home tutor or Ultimate Spelling? Really, it’s a no-brainer.