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How To Improve Vocabulary

In a nutshell, you will only ever improve your vocabulary by reading more, and consciously trying to learn new words. Obviously, that takes effort, and time neither of which, you are probably thinking, you have enough of. But you will have to face the fact you can’t just magically fill your brain with hundreds of new words.

Actually, that is not quite true, because there is a bit of “magic” available that can help, and provides an easy remedy to learning how to improve vocabulary. Describing it as magic is misleading though, because this method is no illusion, and doesn’t rely on tricks. It is perhaps more accurate to call it a gem, for the results it brings will be treasured by you for always.

This little gem is called Ultimate Vocabulary, and it is a piece of software for your computer that makes improving vocabulary easy, fun, and effective. It takes the basic idea that you can only learn new words by studying them, and fully understanding their meanings, but makes it far more engaging than simply wading through a big dictionary looking words up, which is quite frankly dull as dishwater.

Where Ultimate Vocabulary shines is it has taken the question ‘how to improve vocabulary,’ added the best aspects of computer technology – ie, it is fun to use – and come up with a program that keeps everything simple, and yet is loaded with “just-right” functions to enable the budding student of words to add fresh, and exciting new pages to their vocabulary.

For starters, Ultimate Vocabulary has a massive dictionary (over 140,000 words), which is way more than other programs (WordSmart has only 400, and Power Vocabulary Builder has a mere 2,200). In addition, Ultimate Vocabulary has 10,000 “ultimate” must-know-words that are guaranteed to pep up your life as you start to reap the benefits of acquiring a new language for yourself that you can sprinkle among your friends, and workmates. It has been said that there are 5,000 words that will kit anyone out for life, but it looks like Ultimate Vocabulary has trumped that triumphantly!

But there is more to it than simply having a big dictionary (impressive as it is), for you also get, 50 ‘power usage’ examples, word visualization (watch your words come alive!), detailed etymology (origin of words), rhymes, entries from encyclopedias, additional examples of the word used in journals such as the Wall Street Journal, a command to make translations into virtually any language, and additional examples from religious texts such as the Bible (which has often been described as the greatest book on earth!) Add to this the exercises, and 6 different tests (words, definition, synonym, antonym, spelling, and word recall), and you get everything you need to know how to improve vocabulary.

To bring back the nutshell for a moment, you need to read, and to study if you want to increase your vocabulary. With Ultimate Vocabulary the task is made a joy rather than a chore.