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How To Improve Your Spelling

There are many ways to improve your spelling. But which is the most effective? Which gives you the best results, and stimulates progress?

The traditional method of looking at a word, then covering it over, and making an attempt at the spelling before checking it for accuracy is the age-old proven system anyone can do at home – but boy is it dull! If you are a parent using this method at home with your child, then it is likely you are both tiring very rapidly of the monotony. If you are an adult doing it yourself in this way, you are bound to feel pretty uninspired very quickly.

Making games out of learning might once have been frowned upon by education authorities, but now it is generally recognized that using games in teaching is a valid method. There are many word games one can play, Hangman, Scrabble, Boggle, and I Spy for instance, and even Crosswords, and Word Searches can help identify spellings.

If you have a child who is struggling quite badly, and you have money to invest in their education then hiring a private tutor can bring dividends well worth the $75 an hour you may have to part with. However, your child may find the idea of having to take extra “lessons” hard, especially when it cuts into their precious home time, so progress may still be slow.

However, there is one other way to “invest” in your child’s literacy development, and that is by purchasing a reputable computer program for your computer. In fact, there are many on the market for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a private tutor for even one hour!

The seven “learning advantages” contained with the program Ultimate Spelling cover all aspects of spelling in an expert, and fun-filled manner that every child from Grade 1-10 will enjoy.

One of the advantages is the 100 in-built word lists that Ultimate Spelling has stored in its program that provide 10 lists per Grade to ensure that all parts of the school syllabus is covered. For the older student, there is a 142,647 word dictionary, and thesaurus with which to study, and practice more difficult words.

Another nice thing about Ultimate Spelling is the fact that people can create their own word lists thus enabling them to concentrate on specific words that are causing them trouble. This is ideal for schoolchildren who may have been struggling for some time with particular words, after all there are some that are just so darned awkward…such as awkward for instance!

But what makes a program like Ultimate Spelling ideal for anyone looking to improve their spelling is the sheer ease of use. With no fussy graphics, and screen-full of unnecessary frills, and trills, students of all ages can just get on with learning the words they need to…and receive instant feedback on their efforts. In fact, so full-proof is Ultimate Spelling it won’t let the user move onto the next word until he/she has successfully spelled the one they are working on correctly.

Ultimate Spelling, is effective, brings results, and is fun to boot!