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How to improve your vocabulary

Trying to figure out how to improve your vocabulary? The solution is much simpler than you could possibly think: persistence, purposefulness and commitment to learning the words on a regular basis. Even if you learn only one new word a day, your knowledge and use of words will improve significantly, and therefore you’ll become an interesting person to talk to, to listen to and to interact with. Vast vocabulary is the key to success in your career and studies, but not only that: using a right sort of words will help you to be more expressive in personal matters as well. Besides, improving your vocabulary is fun, especially if you involve other people in this process – your friend, classmate or colleague can share this fascinating activity.

Before you start thinking on how to improve your vocabulary, try to figure out your present level. Perhaps your vocabulary is rather large, but the words you know are from one particular area. This makes you extremely articulate and expressive when you talk about your favorite subject, but you can’t help being clumsy and awkward when the conversation goes beyond that. In this case you should diverse the sources of information: if you are interested in computers, do not limit yourself to reading only specialized magazines, but pay attention to daily newspapers, radio broadcasts, art brochures, medical articles, product reviews, political programs, philosophical essays and so on.

Keep a written record of unfamiliar words: it is useful to write not only a definition of an unfamiliar word, but to explore the fascinating word of linguistic at the same time. Pay attention to the origin of the word, to the parts it consist of, to synonyms and antonyms, and to the relative words with same root. If a word has more than one definition, do not stick only to one of them. Try to write sentences to illustrate every meaning of the same word. Also, there is an interesting group of words which have the same pronunciation but different spelling. They are called homophones and they might be helpful in building your vocabulary as well.

Do not hesitate to engage in conversation: being sociable and communicative is a right strategy on the way to a better vocabulary. Talking to different people in various spheres of your life can be as useful as reading of listening to audio books, and it’s definitely more challenging as it requires immediate responses and fast reactions.

Type “how to improve your vocabulary” in the search box of your Internet browser: you’ll find a god number of interesting and informative articles with lots of tips, strategies and techniques. There are also useful softwares, like Ultimate Vocabulary software, which you might find useful in expanding your knowledge of words.