How to Maintain and Use an Expanding Vocabulary

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How to Maintain and Use an Expanding Vocabulary.

You know the old adage about power and responsibility. The same thing applies to an expanding vocabulary. This article will show you how to not only maintain an expanding vocabulary, but also how to use it wisely and aptly so that you are admired, rather than becoming an object of derision. There are three wonderful ways to increase your vocabulary that are well within everyone’s reach. The first is word games, the second is reading, and the third is vocabulary-building software.

Let’s take each of those three in turn. Word games like scrabble, for example, are an excellent method of enhancing your vocabulary. Mind you, they don’t teach you how to use those words in actual sentences and conversation, but they do familiarize you with a vast range of words, and as you become more competent in them (as inevitably happens) you find that your vocabulary has massively increased. Crosswords are another superb word game for enhancing your vocabulary, especially as these games come in different levels of complexity, so that you can choose a comfortable level at which to work and only progress to the next one once you become really comfortable.

It’s best to start out with beginner levels when expanding vocabulary and then work your way upwards, as this will give you a comfortable learning curve, and keep the process interesting and fun. As for scrabble, play with a partner who has a slightly better vocabulary than you. Of course this might mean that you lose most of the games, but it also means that you’ll win in the long run – win a better vocabulary, that is.

Another great tool for building vocabulary is reading. Books are chock full of amazing and interesting and effective words, and best of all, they have interesting stories and information too, which means that you can build your vocabulary the fun way. Yes, unconsciously, even as you read an engrossing novel or book, your mind is latching on to all those words, absorbing them, understanding them, and preparing to use them. But this process can be made even more productive if you consciously absorb the words as well. Jot them down, including the sentence in which you found them.

Play around with them – try to use them in other sentences. Do a search for those words on the net, and see what sentences you find them in! As you can see, with a little interest and imagination, expanding vocabulary can be so much fun. You already have the interest, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. Add a little fun and imagination to that and you have a potent and all but unbeatable mixture for success.

There are vocabulary software – these you’ll have to try to see which suits you. I’ll recommend a good one, ‘Ultimate Vocabulary Software’. Our reviewers have found it exceedingly effective at building vocabulary. And remember, with use comes comfort, and generally speaking make sure that you are truly comfortable with using a word before you use it at an important gathering, or to a person important to you.