I Want To Expand My Vocab!!!

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I want to expand my vocab!!!

It can be very embarrassing when someone you hardly know uses a complex or sophisticated word in conversation. A word you don’t know. The situation is embarrassing because you don’t know how to carry it off. You don’t understand what was said. Do you pretend that you did? Or do you admit to your ignorance. You probably won’t do either, instead choosing to back out of the conversation with a forced and embarrassed smile. And that’s when you say, ‘I want to expand my vocab.’

Well, there’s no need for that sort of thing when you can so easily improve your vocabulary to levels that hardly anyone could match or surpass. There are many ways to do this if you want to expand your vocab, but one of the first things that you should do is, of course, to sign up with some course that will put you under teaching professionals dedicated to improving your vocabulary. But your efforts shouldn’t stop here. You need to join (or form) a study group dedicated to vocabulary. This will ensure that whatever you learn in your main vocabulary class is retained and revised.

Another nice idea that will strengthen the impressions of what you learn in your main vocabulary course is to actually engage a one-on-one tutor. This doesn’t have to be too expensive, because if you have a professional group class and a study group as well, you don’t need a private tutor more than once or twice in a month – that should be quite adequate. But if your goal is ‘ I want to expand my vocab,’ it will certainly polish your knowledge and add to it, and indeed perfect your mastery of what you already learned and revised in your regular class and study group.

Then you can have some English audio tapes going in the background all the time if you want to expand your vocab, as you work or do stuff around the house – this is another excellent method of improving your vocabulary, as your sub-conscious absorbs both new words and their usage. Audio tapes are easily available for many books, or if this doesn’t appeal to you, you can just keep a news, BBC or science channel open on TV or the radio – these shows have excellent language and pronunciation, and sophisticated subjects.

There are also on-line and computer and Nintendo based games that teach you English. I’m not recommending these games as one of your mainline systems of learning English vocabulary, but as an add-on to your regular efforts they are excellent and will certainly serve their turn. Last but not least, if your goal is ‘ I want to expand my vocab,’ there are excellent software on the market these days that should certainly be one of your main areas of attention when trying to improve your vocabulary. One of the best of these is Ultimate Vocabulary Software, but there are many others as well.