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Improve My English Vocabulary

We’ve all been there. That awkward situation, at work when our boss is uttering all sorts of words we just don’t understand, or quivering at that social gathering where our so-called friends suddenly start using a vocabulary that is out of this world – or rather far removed from our world. It’s embarrassing, and humiliating.

It leaves you screaming, “someone, please, help me improve my English vocabulary!” It’s an understandable reaction. Nobody wants to be left feeling out of their depth, or in any way deficient. Having a poor vocabulary has been proven to have serious repercussions for an individual’s progress, and development in life, at work, as well as socially.

There are various ways you can learn new words. Traveling with a pocket dictionary, or thesaurus is one example. Pocket dictionaries are small, and certainly do not include all 500,000 words in the English language, but they do contain most words that you find in daily life. Looking up words in the dictionary that you see or hear will definitely improve vocabulary, all be it slowly. The important thing to remember is to use your new word as soon as you have learned it. If you practice saying, and writing the new words throughout the day, you’ll start to remember it’s meaning and the new vocabulary word becomes a part of your common knowledge. Make yourself comfortable with the new word and keep repeating it in different areas of your life when talking to people. Using the new word in emails, blog posts, or other forms of writing will also cement the new word into the memory bank.

Once you know the meaning of a word, you can now say, “A-hah, I now know how to improve my English vocabulary!” The next step is to know the synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. Having a full grasp of vocabulary means understanding the similarities between words and their relationships towards each other. If you use a word in conversation, you should really know its opposite or another word in relation to it in.

Reading more is another way of increasing the words in your vocabulary. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, you increase your understanding of words by reading as much as you can, providing it gives you a challenge while reading. Other help to enhance your vocabulary comes in the form of Ultimate Vocabulary, a top-class software program for the home PC, or laptop, which enables people to learn new words, and when, and how to use them. Packed with hundreds of tests, and exercises, and 10,000 “ultimate words” one should know, this software is extremely engaging for the user, and makes learning new words actively enjoyable. With every word you learn, you get 50 examples of how that word can be used in various speaking, and writing situations.

Using a program like Ultimate Vocabulary is definitely one of the best ways you can answer the question “how do I improve my English vocabulary.”