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Improve Vocabulary & Grammar

It’s a fact: you are never too old to learn. That was the finding of a couple of Princeton University professors in 1999 that came to the conclusion the human brain continues to grow, and regenerate throughout adulthood. So when it comes to developing a spellbinding vocabulary, there is absolutely nothing to stop you.

People everywhere are searching for ways to improve vocabulary and grammar, which is why software developers have been designing programs for home PCs, and laptops, to facilitate this quest for greater word knowledge. Ultimate Vocabulary is one such program. From the makers of 7 Speed Reading, and Ultimate Spelling, comes this fantastic new tool for increasing, expanding, and improving the selection of words in your personal vocabulary brain-dictionary.

It is estimated that the average adult knows between 20,000 and 30,000 words, but it is also said that many people use words badly because they don’t know the full meaning of that word, or think it means something completely different when they use it. That can make you feel very silly when you suddenly discover you have been using the word “aggravate” instead of “aggregate” when working out the scores in that pub quiz. Of course, your friends are too kind to point the error out to you because you’re the team captain! It’s only by accident that you found out – when your 10 year-old daughter put you straight. So now it’s time to make vocabulary improvements.

But fear not, help is right here with Ultimate Vocabulary, and just ten minutes with this program can get you learning 4-14 new words a day with which to startle your teammates at the next quiz night. For one thing there are nearly 143,000 words in the Ultimate Vocabulary dictionary/thesaurus so you will not be short of a new word or two, and with 50 usage examples per word you will soon be saying ‘labefy’ instead of ‘aggravate’! But if that’s too flash for you, then there are bound to be others in the “ultimate” list of 10,000 must-know-words the program provides to help improve vocabulary and grammar.

And if that is not enough, you also get 20,000 real “human voice” audio pronunciations with the in-built program tutor with which to help comprehension when learning. The progress you are making can also be gauged with the special chart that registers your development every step of the way as each test, and exercise is completed. You get exercises, and tests in Definition, Synonyms, Antonyms, Word Recall, and Spelling. The Word Discovery function also allows you to increase your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar by getting online to investigate, and discover the etymology (history/origin) of a particular word you are studying, and by enablingWord Messenger you can continue with whatever you were doing, and get periodical reminders from Messenger of your wordlist as you work – just like an instant message!

If the idea that you are never too old to learn is good enough for Princeton University profs, then that surely must be incentive enough for you to learn to improve vocabulary and grammar.