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Improving vocabulary on daily basis

Usually we increase our vocabulary naturally in the course of everyday life: there are many sources of information to serve this purpose. However, if you feel that your supply of words in not sufficient to succeed in different spheres of your life, you might find useful the following tips on how to build your vocabulary.

It might sound banal, but the best way of improving your vocabulary is to make a habit of reading. There is no need to invent a bicycle if it was invented a long time ago. Similarly, no matter what sort of progressive technique you may possibly use, the most effective method of improving vocabulary has always been reading. It will work best if you diverse the books you read: don’t stick only to romance even if you are a huge fan of this literature. Pay attention to novels, plays, poems, non fiction and so on.

Make sure to take part in conversations, even if you are an extremely introverted person. Using the words you have learned, you’ll never forget their meaning, and they will definitely become a part of your active vocabulary. Besides, you will have a chance to pick up new words from people you speak to – every person is potentially interesting where the cultural influences, professional spheres and personal preferences are concerned.

It might be useful to sign up for “One word a day” service: it’s rather fascinating to find a message with a new interesting word in your mail box.

It’s proved to be effective for improving vocabulary to write down unfamiliar words. You can use a simple note pad for this purpose, or a set of flesh cards: the second option is more preferable as you will be able to carry these cards in your pocket and look them through when you have a chance. It’s a nice way to kill time while standing in the line, and the words will be definitely hammered into your mind.

Keep a dictionary within range, so you can use it every time you come across an unfamiliar word while reading a book or magazine, watching a TV program or listening to a radio broadcast. If you red an electronic book, internet articles or newsletters, it’s very convenient to consult an online dictionary or a special software. Try to remember not only definitions of the words, but their origin as well: it might be useful when you come across a word with the same root.

There are various online word games that can make the process of improving vocabulary more interesting and motivating. Usually they do not take more than five minutes to play, so you can easily afford spending this time even at your working place.

And last but not least, improving vocabulary is not a matter of one week, but a life time process, and it is within your power to make it fascinating and successful.