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Innovativeand original method of how to build vocabulary

It’s not surprising that you’re thinking about how to build vocabulary, because the simple fact is that a better vocabulary opens windows of opportunity never known to you before. Consider just how crucial a sufficient vocabulary is to a SAT test, or even to a job interview. For example, you sometimes come across people who scintillate in conversation, and perhaps you’ve envied this ability and wished to emulate it.

And it’s natural that you should, in an age where the spoken and indeed the written word is so important. After all, if you lived in the middle ages, it seems your skill with a plow or a sword would be far more important than your skill with words. But with the rise of global literacy to unprecedented levels and the widespread and again almost global expansion of the Internet, it becomes important to build vocabulary, for the pen today is indeed mightier than the sword, and your skill with it can contribute immensely to your success, or indeed, inversely, to failure.

Another advantage of a good vocabulary and a comfortable command of words is that the language flows smoothly, without uncomfortable or unpleasant pauses in between, and especially without stopping to wait and think about how to say what you want to say.

One of the best methods I know of how to build vocabulary is to get the help of others. A study team is an excellent idea, where a group of people who all want to enhance their vocabulary work with each other to improve themselves. Use email to send each other new words and then make up sentences with the words and send them back. Make up jokes (or even re-write them) so that they contain the new words you’ve learned – that way, these jokes, especially if they’re good ones, will help imprint the new words in your mind and in the minds of your friends from the study group.

Of course, reading is a wonderful way to expand one’s vocabulary, but perhaps it’s not always possible. If you don’t have enough time for it, you can always listen to audio books instead – they work just as well, with the added advantage that you can listen to them at times and places where it would be impossible to peruse a conventional book.

Good television programs are also a wonderful way to expand your word base when you’re thinking of new methods of how to build vocabulary, because they’re usually written by scriptwriters with excellent vocabularies – of course, a lot depends on the kind of program you watch, but the fact remains that this is a valuable resource and one that you should use.

If you use any audio-based resource, you have to remember that you need to make a written record of the words that you come across, and then try to apply them in sentences. If you create a ‘word club’ or vocabulary study group, then audio books and television are also great sources for you to provide ‘grist for the mill’ or, in other words, new words for your study group to work with.