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Learn how to build vocabulary with these easy tips…

Have you ever experienced wanting to say something and just not being able to find the words to say it with? Sometimes it might just be a single word you need, one that almost seems to be on the tip of your tongue – but no matter what you do, you can’t find it. Often the word is simply one we don’t use enough, even though we may know it theoretically, but just as often, we just don’t have enough words to express what we want to. So it’s obviously crucial to build vocabulary.

And since expression is the mark of a civilized human being, and since the ability to express oneself is crucial to advancement in our society, not being able to express oneself effectively can be a serious setback. Then think of the considerable frustration of reading something and not being able to understand it just because there are words in the paragraph or sentence that you simply don’t understand. So how do you deal with this issue – and it is a serious issue. This article will show you how to better your vocabulary, because the language we speak and read and write is a tool of great power and influence, and your power and influence increase relative to the extent that you can wield this tool.

Now, when you attempt to build vocabulary, you need to go about it systematically, working at it day after day and month upon month until you achieve the results you want. Buy a notebook of good quality paper, and divide each page into three columns. In the first column, write down any new word that you come across. The second column is reserved for the meanings of the words – if you don’t know the meaning of a word, there are many on-line resources that can help you. When you’re sure about the meaning, put it down in that second column. Now, in the third column, make a sentence with the word, making sure that you use it correctly, and write it down.

Now, the next step is to carry this notebook with you everywhere, and to peruse it every spare moment of the day. Keep going through the words and their meanings, and read the sentences that you constructed, containing the words, again and again. Make yourself familiar with the words used until they almost feel like old friends. This is a great way to a better vocabulary.

Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself meeting these ‘old friends’, these words, again and again, in newspapers, in magazines, in books and even on television and in the movies. As a matter of fact, now that you’ve begun to build vocabulary and recognize these words, you might find that many of them are commonly used and in fact a part of most peoples’ vocabularies. Keep doing this for a few months and you’ll soon find that you’re developing a vocabulary to be proud of.