Learn How to Increase Reading Speed

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Learn How to Increase Reading Speed

Learn how to increase your reading speed for success! You can take a big step forward in the academic or corporate world by learning to read faster. Study faster and increase your productivity by decreasing the amount of time you spend reading. If you read less than 200 words per minute, you are a slow reader. It can take you several minutes to finish an entire page of text, making emails and textbooks a big challenge. If you read more than 600 words per minute, you are a fast reader. With practice, you could read more than 1,000 words per minute. Not only can you read faster, you can also improve your reading comprehension. By feeding the information into your brain as a continuous stream, you can start understanding whole concepts and ideas instead of trying to put together all the words and sentences later.

An ideal reading environment can give you an idea of your current reading speed. Pick a place that is relatively free from sound and distraction. Pick a comfortable spot, and rest in a comfortable position. Support your book so your arms don’t get tired, and read for a while. You will almost certainly read faster than you would in a noisy kitchen or bus stop. When you read, try to be aware of whether you move your lips. This is a form of subvocalization that can slow you down tremendously.

There are several systems on the market today that claim to show you how to increase reading speed. Some of these are scams and seek only to part you from your money. Keep in mind what reading speeds human beings are capable of attaining, and avoid any speed reading product that promises thousands of words per minute. These reading speeds are pure fantasy, and have been scientifically debunked. Nobody has been able to read an entire page of text at a glance during a scientific study.

Speed reading is a skill that takes time to develop. Some of the above methods will naturally boost your reading speed. There are other methods that require practice to be able to use on a consistent basis. Some speed reading methods involve exercises to widen you visual focus and eliminate subvocalization. There are several software programs on the market today that promise to help you learn how to increase reading speed. Some even offer a free thirty day trial, but this can be risky. You never know if the program will stop being useful after you pay for it. If you do decide to purchase software, try to find a program that you will be able to use regularly. If you become bored or frustrated with your software, you are less likely to practice your reading.

Reading printed text is very different from reading on a computer screen. Before you select a method to teach you how to increase reading speed, consider what your needs are. There are plenty of speed reading books available, but many of them rely on strategies like running your finger along the page. You may be surprised to know that speed reading on a computer screen requires some different skills than speed reading a printed page.