Learn How to Read Faster and Comprehend More

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Learn How to Read Faster and Comprehend More

Most people don’t think you can learn how to read faster and comprehend more. Most people think that when you read faster, you understand less. Actually, the opposite is true. People who try to read faster actually understand more. Scientists think this is because slow reading breaks up the ideas in the text, and makes them difficult to understand. By reading faster, you can get the whole idea into your brain at once. Another theory is that feeding information to your brain in a nonstop stream is more effective then feeding the information in chunks. So reading faster will actually help you understand what you read better. When you understand what you read, you remember it better too.

So how do you read faster? You can work on increasing your speed just by trying, but most people who try this give up. It can be difficult to remember to do anything while reading, especially to go faster. Also, there could be problems with your reading technique that are slowing you down. Unless you eliminate these problems, your reading speed will be very limited. For speed practice, you can run your finger along the words if you are reading a book or magazine. A lot of people read mostly on the computer, where this method doesn’t really work. Fortunately there is a lot of different speed reading software available.

Speed reading software can help you practice reading faster by reminding you where to look and how fast to go as you read. A good program will also analyze your abilities in several different areas so that you can identify exactly what is slowing your reading down. This type of software has the benefit of letting you skip past exercises that are below your level. With several different exercises to practice, some speed reading software is actually fun to use.

Comprehension tests are a good way for you to check that you aren’t losing comprehension as you increase you reading speed. You don’t just want to read faster, you want to read faster and comprehend more. Some computer programs and speed reading books are sneaky. They provide text for you to read, followed by a comprehension test. The tests get easier with each level, so you believe you are still understanding everything you read. Watch out for this type of program. The more complex the software, the less likely it is to play this type of trick on you. Some programs come with dozens, or even hundreds of ebooks. A few even let you select text online to read. These programs are enjoyable to use because you get to read things you wanted to read anyway.

Remember that reading is a skill, and increased comprehension and speed take practice. If you decide to purchase speed reading software, make sure to get something that you will actually use. The program will not help you if you find it too boring or frustrating to practice with regularly. Find something you can have fun with and get started, before long you’ll be able to read faster and comprehend more.