Learn How to Speed Read

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Learn How to Speed Read

Most people can benefit from learning how to speed read. Slow reading is a problem for many children and adults, and it can be a big handicap in the modern world. As the internet becomes a part of our daily lives, and to navigate it successfully, people need to be fast and efficient readers. Fortunately, there are several different ways that you can naturally increase your reading speed. When your reading environment is just right, you will be able to read much faster. You can further increase your speed by practicing visual focusing techniques, as well as eliminating subvocalization. Reading faster can also increase your comprehension, making you not only faster, but a better reader.

In order to make the most of your reading time, try to find a place to read that is quiet and free from distractions. If there are a lot of people around, traffic, or noise, you will not be able to focus as much. Each distraction can break up the stream of information that your brain is receiving as you read. Make sure you are comfortable, and not too hot or too cold. Sit in a comfortable position, and try to sit with good posture so that you can breath properly.

You can naturally increase the speed you read printed words by following the words with your finger. This can help focus your eyes and reduce the number of time you reread part of a sentence. However, this technique is not effective on a computer screen. If you are just trying to speed read books, newspapers, or magazines, this method will probably increase your reading speed. If you do most of your reading on a computer screen, you will have to learn some other methods.

There are exercises that can help widen your field of vision. Right now you probably focus on each word in a sentence. You can begin widening your field of vision by practicing taking in two words at a time without moving your eyes. Printed flashcards can help with this, start with cards with two words printed in the middle, and try to read both words without shifting your eyes back and forth. When you can do two words, move on to cards with three words. Keep going until you can take in an entire line of text without moving your eyes back and forth.

When you subvocalize, you say all the words out loud inside your head. This slows your reading speed down dramatically. Very slow readers may even move their lips when they read. If you can reduce or eliminate subvocalization, you can read faster than your brain can pronounce each word.

Studies have shown that when people try to consciously speed up their reading, they understand and remember more of what they read. This is because the brain is allowed to understand the entire idea as a whole, instead of in parts. Many people try to practice reading faster, but slow down as they get absorbed in the book and forget to practice their techniques. There is speed reading software that can help readers practice while reminding them of the techniques they have learned.