Learn How to Use Speed Reading Software

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Learn How to Use Speed Reading Software

To increase your reading speed, it helps to understand how to use speed reading software. If you have purchased a really good program, you will be able to evaluate yourself and identify your problem areas. You will improve much faster if you focus on the areas that need improvement, instead of mindlessly performing tasks. Look for a program that analyzes your abilities before it assigns you exercises. Reading speed is a skill that must be practiced in order to improve. However, most people get so absorbed in their reading that they forget to practice what they have learned.

When you first begin using your speed reading software, you should be prompted to enter your name so that the program can keep track of your individual progress. If the program just starts with reading exercises, make sure it has started at the beginning. On a shared computer, you may confuse another user or impede their progress if you start using their program at the level they last stopped at. If your speed reading software is not designed for multiple users, you may want to purchase a separate copy for a different computer. Another option is to upgrade to a more advanced program that can handle multiple users.

A good speed reading program will help you address some of the obvious problems that could be slowing down your reading. A noisy environment can significantly slow down anyone’s reading speed. Poor lighting and glare can also cause eye discomfort and slower reading, If you are uncomfortable, or sitting with poor posture, of course you will read slower. Other problems may be less obvious, such as eyestrain. These are all reliable natural ways to boost your reading speed. If your software does not address these issues, you may have to do some research on your own to find your ideal reading environment.

Most speed reading software is designed to help you widen your field of vision. Normally you only focus on one word at a time, and you must then move your eyes along to the next word. A speed reading program can help you learn to read more than one word at a time. Usually this is done by flashing words on the screen like flashcards. You begin with two words, and when you can read those in one glance, you move up to three words. Some people can already read more than one word at a time. If your speed reading software is well designed, you will be able to test your ability before you begin exercises. If you can already read four words at a time, you don’t need to spend time practicing reading two words.

Another problem area for many people is subvocalization. Really slow readers subvocalize by moving their lips when they read. Faster readers subvocalize by saying the words out loud inside their head. If you can stop subvocalizing, you can increase your reading speed significantly. This is an area that drives many people to learn how to use speed reading software