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Learning How to Spell with Games

Everybody likes to play. Adults enjoy playing just as much as children do. Playing sounds so much more exciting than learning, doesn’t it? You betcha it does.

Teaching a child to spell is not fun for either the child or the parent who must come up with an exciting, instructional plan that will make your child not run out the door when you mention “spelling”. Teachers are faced with the same obstacles when it comes to helping their students learn how to spell. As an instructor, you only have so many minutes to grab a student’s attention and then hold it. It is so difficult to grab a person’s attention when there are so many distractions around like peer pressure and raging hormones.

Children who do not enjoy spelling will often behave in inappropriate manners during instruction. As they become more frustrated, their behavior may become even more irrational and disruptive. Young kids have even been known to simply freeze up during instruction and refuse to participate further. Older children will do everything but follow their teacher’s instructions when they are not interesting in spelling. Sometimes, they will even try and get others to behave in a similar manner.

In the past, teachers and parents have tried board games such as Boggle and Scrabble to help students learn how to spell. Even though it might seem fun at first, board games can grow tiring, especially when a child is more interested in posting on Twitter than he or she is in making new words. Then of course there is Facebook and Myspace and videos on YouTube; there is non-stop competition for a young person’s attention.

The types of games have changed over the years but not the desire to play. If it is not the desire to play that stops kids from enjoying games, then it must be the type of games. What kinds of games would be fun yet educational and help children learn how to spell?

Spelling software programs are perfect for the task. They make it possible for children to learn how to spell and engage in interesting, activities at the same time. All you need is a computer and a great spelling system such as the Ultimate Spelling software, and you are ninety percent of the way there to helping your child learn how to spell with games.

Once the program is installed, your child can pick up spelling strategies and practice using them through fun, interactive games. Ultimate Spelling is so much fun that children often play it for hours, and then when the parents finally get a chance to see what held their kids’ interests for so long, the parents become glued to the computer as well.

Spelling software as engaging as the Ultimate Spelling Software has been shown to improve spelling scores in as little as 30 days. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that children can become basically addicted to using the software. If learning to spell is your child’s worse addiction, then your life is actually pretty darn good.