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Learning Spelling with Worksheets

Over the years, teachers and parents have always struggled to come up with creative ways to help students learn how to spell. Many of them have stuck with the traditional methods of teaching which include weekly spelling tests, rewriting spelling words, and repetitive spelling worksheets.

Spelling worksheets are in fact very popular. Online and in school supply stores, there are hundreds of books filled with spelling workbook pages that can be used as spelling practice both at home and in the classroom. This sounds great for busy teachers and parents who want to have additional work for their children, but is it great for the students?

The answer comes immediately and loudly, “No!” Worksheets are boring and tedious. They are also repetitive and rarely original. Even worse, worksheets are not capable of recognizing a student’s efforts and progress. On a spelling worksheet, the answer is either right or wrong; it does not matter the reason.

In a school environment, worksheets are capable of analyzing even less. Most students share their answers on worksheets so a teacher really can never tell if a student did his or her own work. When worksheets are taken home for completion, many parents review the homework assignments and force the children to make any necessary corrections. Then when the work is returned to school, it is perfect.

Later on, Johnny’s teacher is shocked when Johnny consistently fails his spelling tests. He always turned in his homework perfectly correct. Any decent teacher will know that Johnny never turns in his homework; he always turns in his parents’ efforts.

If this is the case with learning spelling with worksheets, then why are parents and teachers so fixed on using the worksheet. The answer is short and sweet – convenience. Parents and teachers don’t have to create worksheets; they don’t even have to buy them. They can even download free worksheets from the computer. Are these worksheets relevant and engaging? It really doesn’t matter.

Nevertheless it should because if students are not supposed to be left behind, yet they aren’t learning how to spell because of inadequate resources, something has to be done. Students need educational software that will engage them and encourage them to learn to work on their spelling skills. Spelling software programs are the best solutions.

Not only are they fun and exciting, but they are also informative. By using a spelling software program like Ultimate Spelling, students can actually assess their own abilities. While worksheets are typically designed in the same fashion, even though the content may change, spelling software programs alter with the user’s progress. The Ultimate Spelling software, in particular, offers users to create their own lists so they can work on what they need to know, know what they learned last year. This is perfect for today’s students who grow easily bored when they’re forced to endure lessons they have already had.

Although they are quite plentiful and relatively inexpensive, spelling worksheets are not effective spelling assessment and practice tools. With them, you can never be sure what a student knows. With a program like Ultimate Spelling, you will know that your struggling speller is exactly where he should be.