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Learning Spelling With Worksheets

Worksheets are a staple part of education these days, as you probably know from the countless sheets that your child brings back with them everyday. Worksheets are used in many fundamental subjects, and have proven to be an effective method in producing directed focus in students. It also provides guidance, and direction. Generally worksheets are pre-designed by teachers who can adapt them to fit in with whatever stage of the curriculum they are teaching per class, although there are many websites now offering customized worksheets for instant downloading.

Learning to spell with worksheets has proven to be effective as it takes the onus away from the student having to rely on the teacher, or parent, calling out words for them to practice with. The standard worksheet will usually feature the word to be practiced in a left hand column, with up to 5 spaces to the right for the student to write down their attempts. The usual practice is for the student to look at the word they are learning, and write it in two of the spaces before covering the word column, and their first two attempts. The next three attempts should be based on the practice they have just done, and what they can remember. The student then ticks the version they think is correct, before checking the result at the end of the exercise with their parents/teacher.

Some worksheet drills also require the student to compose a sentence using the words they have been practicing, which also helps develop their general writing, and literacy skills.

Worksheets are useful because they allow the student to practice troublesome words, as well as keep up to speed with the rest of his/her class with what is currently being taught. But worksheets also allow the teacher to cover a certain area of spelling one at a time in an efficient way, especially when it comes to focusing on high frequency words, vowels, and how they sound when paired together, or combined individually with consonants.

As any native English speaking person knows, the English language is rife with complexity, and takes years to master to a generally decent standard. It is important that worksheets are devised according to the age of the student, particularly in the case of Grades 1-3 schoolchildren. The best words for them to be learning will feature things they are familiar with in their daily lives, such as pictures, family-related topics, and other easy to understand words/topics.

Worksheets have therefore been found to be effective in the efforts of educational establishments to help people learn to spell, and it is because of this proven effectiveness that some spelling computer programs have incorporated a similar system of exercises, and drills into their software to allow the user to get the most out of its potential.

In fact it could be argued that computer programs such as Ultimate Spelling are as good, if not better than worksheets, because they promote greater active engagement for students looking to practice spelling on their own. Ultimate Spelling provides simple to use practicing tools, school Grade word lists, an awesome dictionary, audio pronunciations with a real human voice, and a monitoring system for charting progress that takes worksheet education to a new, and more enjoyable level.