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Learning to Spell the Easy Way

Most children begin their spelling instructions in grade school by coming home with a list of spelling words to memorize each week for a test. These spelling words come home as quickly as tennis balls spring out of practice cannons. Whether or not the children actually learn these words does not seem to be important to anyone. As long as the teacher does not fall behind in his or her lesson plans, all is assumed to be well.

Even when students master one set of words, these words are quickly deleted from the memory bank to make room for another batch of terms. Because of this, the traditional method of spelling, which is still being used unfortunately, offers no long-term benefit to stressed spellers. Students cram and cram and learn nothing for all their efforts. Eventually, they give up hope and stop attempting to learn. Their efforts are rarely rewarded so what is the point in trying.

Research has proven that this spelling strategy is not only harmful because of the pressure it places on a student and the fact that input knowledge is always deleted but it also not the easy way to learn to spell. Why does everything in education have to be so boring and tedious? Is there a law that says education can not be fun and interactive?

Educational psychologists insist that students do not learn from rote memorization and lectures. They learn by interacting with their peers and/or computer technology. When students learn in this manner, they enjoy the instruction, and spelling is transformed from a chore to something that is fun and engaging. It actually becomes something that students look forward to doing.

Spelling should be easy, and learning to spell should be an informative yet enjoyable experience. There are ways to make spelling both fun and simple.

Learning to Spell Made Easy

There are several methods by which individuals can practice learning to spell the easy way. One way is by playing board games such as Scrabble and Hangman. Educational, board games are great for family events, and the whole family can participate. The only problem with this strategy is that as a child ages; family night may not mean a great deal to him, especially when there are other options for fun outside the home.

In addition to games, many children enjoy visiting spelling websites which allow them to practice their spelling skills. The issue here involves the creator or company besides the website. What free ads will appear during the program? Is the information on the website correct and age appropriate? Most times, you get what you pay for so use free spelling websites with caution.

The most effective way to make spelling easy is with the use of a spelling software program from a respected, educational resource. There are many such programs online which have demonstrated achievement in raising spelling scores and increasing interest in studying. One of the most recognized spelling systems is Ultimate Spelling. There is not an easier way to learn spelling.