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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

Learning To Spell The Easy Way

If you are looking for an easy way to learn to spell, then look no further than Ultimate Spelling; the new computer program from educational software experts eReflect. Formed in 2006, eReflect has been busy creating various quality programs to help with literacy development for both adults, and children, and are regarded as leaders in their field.

There are many reasons why possessing good spelling skills are important, but it is certainly crucial for young people who may one day want to go to University, or those looking to go straight into employment after high school graduation. It is a fact that an end of year thesis riddled with spelling mistakes will not score well, as indeed job application forms littered with spelling errors will not be looked on favorably by employers. Hence it is critical that learning to spell happens as soon as children can hold a pen, and start to read.

But as they get older, learning to spell becomes trickier as the more complex elements of forming words, and sentences start to be taught. It does take time, and many students will struggle, so it is important for parents to be supportive to their children, and give them all the assistance they need when learning new words. But this isnlt always easy for the parents either for various reasons.

Let’s face it, learning words from lists is deadly dull, and even playing the same word games over, and over starts to lose its appeal.

That’s why a program such as Ultimate Spelling makes learning to spell easy, because the accent is on making the experience fun, as well as being a highly constructive, and effective way to practice spelling.

Why is learning to spell easy with Ultimate Spelling? Because all you have to do is type a word the way you think it should be spelled, click the “answer” box, and wait for the instant reply that tells you whether your effort was right, or wrong. It really is that simple. But be warned – Ultimate Spelling doesn’t let you off lightly if you do spell a word incorrectly. It won’t let you move on to the next word until you have successfully spelled the last one at least once.

But that is not all Ultimate Spelling does. Apart from making the actual learning to spell easy, this program provides a massive 143,000 word dictionary, and thesaurus; allows users to create their own word lists for practicing troublesome words; contains 100 specially selected word lists for Grade1-10 schoolchildren, with 10 progressive lists per Grade; has a personalized tracking system that monitors students’ progress, and development; and has a built-in “human” voice for pronunciation clarification.

Adding to the ease of use is the “just right” on-screen graphics that are free from unnecessary characters, icons, and fiddly tools/commands. The colors are simple too, which is good for the eyes.

Simply stated, if you are looking for an easy way to practice your spelling, the easiest thing to do is go, and download Ultimate Spelling…right now!