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Learning About Literature

The best way to learn about literature is still to pick up a book and read. However, there are other ways to make ourselves familiar with the terms found in those great books we read.

Teachers can find literature-based word lists to reinforce the new vocabulary their students learn when they read. Linked to classic children’s literature and books from the Common Core State Standards, these lists provide students with the chance to practice new words with interactive online vocabulary games and free printable reading worksheets. Vocabulary research shows that students need between 12 and 15 exposures to a new word in order to retain it in their long-term memory, so literature vocabulary word lists are the perfect way to ensure that students retain the rich vocabulary they are exposed to when reading. This knowledge will hugely benefit students in the vocabulary and comprehension sections of standardized testing.

Using games to reinforce terms and words can be fun and useful. Learning new vocabulary can be difficult so why…Continued…

Harry Potter Games

Harry Potter Definitions Harry Potter Unscramble
Harry Potter Definition Match Harry Potter Antonym Match
Harry Potter Synonym Match At The Top Of My Game!

Huckleberry Finn Games

Huckleberry Finn Letterfall Huckleberry Finn Word-O-Rama
Huckleberry Finn HangMouse Huckleberry Finn Word Search
Huckleberry Finn Speedy Speller Huckleberry Finn Which Word
Huckleberry Finn Which One Huckleberry Finn Story Blanks

David Copperfield Games

David Copperfield Letterfall David Copperfield Word-O-Rama
David Copperfield HangMouse David Copperfield Word Search
David Copperfield Speedy Speller David Copperfield Which Word

Gulliver’s Travels Games

Gulliver’s Travels Letterfall Gulliver’s Travels Word-O-Rama
Gulliver’s Travels HangMouse Gulliver’s Travels Word Search
Gulliver’s Travels Speedy Speller Gulliver’s Travels Which Word

How to Eat Fried Worms Games

How to Eat Fried Worms Letterfall How to Eat Fried Worms Word-O-Rama
How to Eat Fried Worms HangMouse How to Eat Fried Worms Word Search
How to Eat Fried Worms Speedy Speller How to Eat Fried Worms Which Word
How to Eat Fried Worms Which One How to Eat Fried Worms Story Blanks

Madeline Games

Madeline Letterfall Madeline Word-O-Rama
Madeline HangMouse Madeline Word Search
Madeline Speedy Speller Madeline Which Word
Madeline Which One Madeline Story Blanks

The Black Stallion Games

The Black Stallion Letterfall The Black Stallion Word-O-Rama
The Black Stallion HangMouse The Black Stallion Word Search
The Black Stallion Speedy Speller The Black Stallion Which Word

To Kill A Mockingbird Games

To Kill A Mockingbird Letterfall To Kill A Mockingbird Word-O-Rama
To Kill A Mockingbird HangMouse To Kill A Mockingbird Word Search
To Kill A Mockingbird Speedy Speller To Kill A Mockingbird Which Word
To Kill A Mockingbird Which One To Kill A Mockingbird Story Blanks

Where the Sidewalk Ends Games

Where the Sidewalk Ends Letterfall Where the Sidewalk Ends Word-O-Rama
Where the Sidewalk Ends HangMouse Where the Sidewalk Ends Word Search
Where the Sidewalk Ends Speedy Speller Where the Sidewalk Ends Which Word
Where the Sidewalk Ends Which One Where the Sidewalk Ends Story Blanks

Where the Wild Things Are Games

Where the Wild Things Are Letterfall Where the Wild Things Are Word-O-Rama
Where the Wild Things Are HangMouse Where the Wild Things Are Word Search
Where the Wild Things Are Speedy Speller Where the Wild Things Are Which Word
Where the Wild Things Are Which One Where the Wild Things Are Story Blanks

Wuthering Heights Games

Wuthering Heights Letterfall Wuthering Heights Word-O-Rama
Wuthering Heights HangMouse Wuthering Heights Word Search
Wuthering Heights Speedy Speller Wuthering Heights Which Word

Tom Sawyer Games

Tom Sawyer Syllables Game Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Context
Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Game Spell Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Words
Tom Sawyer Which Word Tom Sawyer Word Search

Ramona Forever Games

Ramona Forever Syllable Game Ramona Forever Spelling Game
Ramona Forever Vocabulary Context Ramona Forever Which Word
Ramona Forever Word Search Waiting For Some Friends To Play Fun Online Games With!

Matilda Games

Matilda Syllable Game Matilda Which Word
Matilda Word Search Matilda Definitions
Matilda Unscramble Matilda Line Match
Matilda Definition Match Playing Some Great Games & Learning Too!

Bridge to Terabithia Games

Bridge to Terabithia: Parts of Speech Syllables: Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia Context Game Bridge to Terabithia Vocabulary
Bridge To Terabithia – Synonym Pick Bridge to Terabithia Spelling Game

Call of the Wild Games

Call of the Wild Context Match Call of the Wild Spelling Game
Call of the Wild Which Word Call of the Wild Word Search
Call of the Wild Definitions Call of the Wild Word-O-Rama
Call of the Wild Match It Sneaking Up On My Best Scores Ever!

Romeo and Juliet Games

Romeo and Juliet Context Game Romeo and Juliet Spelling Game
Romeo and Juliet Which Word Romeo and Juliet Word Search
Romeo and Juliet Line Match Romeo and Juliet Definitions

1984 Games

1984 Context Game 1984 Vocabulary Match Game
1984 Vocabulary: Antonyms 1984 Vocabulary Unscramble Game
Fill It In: 1984 Parts of Speech 1984 Which One
1984 Story Blanks Enjoy The Games!


not make it enjoyable. With fun games and activities like the ones found on this site, new vocabulary words found in literature can be easy to learn. Another great way to learn vocabulary is by writing. Taking simple writing courses or by doing some creative writing on your own can be helpful. Doing book reports on the literature you have read can be fun and enjoyable. Once you have played these games, try doing a creative writing piece on how you enjoyed playing the games and use the terms you’ve learned. Finally, you can use or create printable worksheets to practice your knowledge about literature.