Learning Phonics

Phonics is very important for anyone learning how to read. Learning phonics helps students recognize the connection between certain spellings and sounds, thus improving their reading skills in so many ways! Continued…

Fun Phonics Games

Whack-a-Mole Match Three Letters Aa-Gg
Hangman Word Scramble
Word Maker LetterBlocks
Word Paths Waiting For The Fun To Start!

All Short Vowels Phonics Games

Short Or Not: All Vowels Short Vowel Hig Pigs
Short Vowels Jigsaw Puzzle ABC Order Game: All Short Vowels
All Short Vowels Word Match Short Vowel Word Search
Short Vowel LetterFall Enjoy The Games!

Short A Phonics Games

Short or Not? Short A ABC Order Game: Short A
Short A Vowels Word Match Short A Word Search
Short A LetterFall Waiting For Some Friends To Play Fun Online Games With!

Short E Phonics Games

Short or Not? Short E ABC Order Game: Short E
Short E Word Match Short E Word Search
Short E LetterFall Playing Some Great Games & Learning Too!

Short I Phonics Games

Short or Not? Short I ABC Order Game: Short I
Short I Word Match Short I Word Search
Short I LetterFall Keeping One Eye Open On Some Great Online Games!

Short O Phonics Games

Short or Not? Short O ABC Order Game: Short O
Short O Word Match Short O Word Search
Short O LetterFall At The Top Of My Game!

Short U Phonics Games

Short or Not? Short U ABC Order Game: Short U
Short U Word Match Short U Word Search
Short U LetterFall Sneaking Up On My Best Scores Ever!

Phonics can help a person recognize more words, improve spelling, increase reading speed and comprehension, improve writing skills, help with pronunciation, and improve vocabulary. While a learner may still have to memorize the pronunciation and spelling of some words, he or she will be able to sound out many more on his/her own. Creating phonemic awareness should begin with the vowels: a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y. Students should work on the short vowel sounds before moving on to the long vowel sounds. These sounds are foundational for learning how to read English words. Then students can move on to consonants and consonant blends. Learning to read can boost one’s self-confidence and help a learner feel more comfortable when asked to read aloud. And phonics is not just for kindergarten and first grade students! American students and ESL (English as a Second Language) students, both young and old, can benefit from learning phonics. Flash games are a great way for one to get started learning phonics!