PSAT Vocabulary

Build Your PSAT Vocabulary

Is preparation for the PSAT worthwhile? Absolutely! The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, is a great “practice run” for sophomores planning to take the SAT their junior year. A challenging 130-minute test, the PSAT will help you gauge how well you’ll do on the SAT, and show you what areas you need to improve. While the PSAT isn’t considered “high-stakes” like the SAT, a good PSAT score may qualify you for National Merit Scholarships.

Free PSAT Vocabulary Practice

PSAT vocabulary practice will help you prepare for the 80 minutes of the test devoted to Critical Reading and Writing Skills. In these portions of the PSAT, you’ll be asked to identify errors in written materials, improve sentences and paragraphs, and answer passage-based reading questions. Start your PSAT test prep now—play the FREE vocabulary builder games on this website for valuable online PSAT practice. Cross Words on this site can help you build vocabulary.

PSAT vocabulary practice is essential for the sentence completion section of the test, where you’ll be asked to pick the one or two words that best complete a sentence. These PSAT multiple-choice questions require an understanding of word meanings and sentence construction. Here’s a sample PSAT question with two blanks, provided by the College Board, the creators of the test:

Although some think the terms “bug” and “insect” are ____, the former term actually refers to ____ group of insects.

(A) parallel…an identical 
 (B) precise…an exact
 (C) interchangeable…a particular
 (D) exclusive…a separate
 (E) useful…a useless

The correct answer is (C) interchangeable…a particular

You’ll do well on PSAT sentence completion questions if you 1) read the entire sentence before attempting to answer, 2) focus on the meaning of the sentence, and 3) reread the sentence with your word choice(s) before you mark your answer sheet. In questions with two blanks, work on one blank at a time, but make sure both work in the sentence.

Master PSAT Vocabulary

Test practice for the PSAT comes in many formats. Students get PSAT help from study guides, prep courses, and vocabulary word lists. You can also study with friends and take PSAT online practice tests. Whatever you do, set goals for yourself. How many new PSAT vocabulary words can you master this week?