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It’s said that reading is really the best way to go when you’re thinking about how to improve your vocabulary in English and to increase your command over the language and to add words to your vocabulary. But if reading is not your forte, you might find it difficult to get through a book. But what many people don’t know is that it’s usually the first thirty pages or so of a book that are most complex and difficult to read. In these pages the author is generally setting up the background for the plot, which means that not only are there a lot of intricate details that may be difficult to grasp, but that nothing much really happens in these first pages.

This can be rather boring to a reader who doesn’t really have the vocabulary to grasp the detail in these pages properly, and this is why people tend to find reading difficult. But reading is essential if you’re searching for a way to increase your English vocabulary. So the best thing that you can do if you find this to be the case with a book you’re reading is to simply do the sensible and obvious thing and skip the first twenty pages or so. You’ll find yourself in the thick of the action, with the plot in full swing, and irrelevant details thinned out.

The chances are you’ll become so engrossed in the storyline that you’ll find reading the book easy. Moreover, if the author uses words you don’t know at this point, you’ll find it easier to figure out what they mean even while reading them and without the help of a dictionary, simply because the pace of the action is faster and you will be able to understand a strange word when it’s used in the context of the action and plot. If you’re wondering how to improve your vocabulary in English, you’ll find no better way than this.

That said, if you’re searching for a way to increase your English vocabulary, you should see a significant increase of your vocabulary in the course of a single good book whose plot you like. And if you’ve worked at understanding and remembering the new words, the chances are that you can go back to the first thirty pages that you skipped at the beginning of the book, after finishing it, and read them comfortably with hardly any effort at all, with the whole story and plot of the book fresh in your mind, and probably add even more words to your vocabulary by doing so.

Of course, one important tip is to skim through a book before you even buy it. This means that you must assess the ‘level’ and ‘readability’ of a book right in the book store. Don’t just buy a book blindly because it’s ‘supposed’ to be good. Instead, take a list of recommendations to the store, ask to see them all, skim through each, reading random pages from inside the book, and buy the book whose author’s writing style suits you best. And of course make sure that the subject interests you as well. This is how to improve your vocabulary in English. Do this, and I guarantee that you will not only increase your vocabulary effortlessly and by a great many words, but will cultivate a genuine love of reading as well.