Root Words

Learning Root Words

Although devoid of any affixes, a  root word is a full-fledged word in and of itself. For example, the word “port” is the root word for export (which has a prefix) and portable (which has a suffix). Learning to recognize word roots early on continued…

3rd-5th Grade Root Words Games

Dividing Root Words LineMatch-VSCGameIcons-300x225Root Word Meaning Match

6th-8th Grade Root Words Games

Dividing the Root Words LineMatch-VSCGameIcons-300x225Root Word Meaning Match

9th-12th Grade Root Words Games

Divide the Roots LineMatch-VSCGameIcons-300x225Root Word Meaning Match


is crucial in a child’s education as it not only helps carry spelling skills over to reading fluency but also greatly increases general comprehension skills, reading or otherwise. A fun way for kids to build their repertoire of root words is by playing online root word games.

Teaching root words, prefixes and suffixes is often closely linked with teaching word origins, including teaching Greek and Latin root words. Also sometimes referred to as base words, root words are at the basis of many common everyday words as well as medical root words.

There are many online root word resources for teachers which are useful for creating both root words lesson plans and root words worksheets. Different root words are introduced at different educational levels. Elementary school root words are specifically selected for students in grades three through five, while middle school root words are geared toward sixth through eighth graders. At a more demanding level, high school root words provide excellent college prep material for students in ninth through twelfth grade as root words on standardized tests gain more importance.

An understanding of root words is particularly helpful to ESL students in terms of word recognition and phrase comprehension. These fun online root word games are perfect for helping ESL students grasp words. Don’t miss out on other free phonics and reading resources.