SAT Test Prep

Vocabulary Building for the SAT

Having a strong vocabulary is important for a wide range of daily activities. At Vocabulary is Fun, you’ll be able to utilize our vocabulary building tools to gain knowledge of SAT vocabulary and improve your test-taking strategies. We have a large variety of free online vocabulary games, vocabulary lists, and other tools to help you with your SAT test prep. Success on the SAT relies heavily on the development of SAT vocabulary skills. The verbal section of the SAT tests specifically on vocabulary knowledge. Though, strong vocabulary is also important for the reading comprehension section. Students with a strong vocabulary are at more of an advantage than those without one in a college environment. Improving your vocabulary before the SAT is fundamental for a good score and admission to a quality college.

SAT Test Prep at Vocabulary is Fun

We have the perfect tools and free online games for SAT test prep at Our SAT Game is designed specifically for SAT test prep and will surely improve your score on the verbal section. The SAT Game uses multiple choice, complete the sentence type questions to test your knowledge of level 1000 SAT words. It also requires the use of some grammar and critical thinking skills to fill-in-the-blank – making it a perfect game for test-taking strategies.

The Vocabulary Quiz is another great game for SAT test prep. It requires you to use critical thinking and sentence context to determine the meaning of a word. Establishing the meaning of a word by using sentence context is one of the best ways to expand vocabulary. The Vocabulary Quiz offers 16 topics with over 1600 different questions allowing you to choose time length, skill level, and the number of questions.

Using Vocabulary Lists for SAT Test Prep

Not to be forgotten, the vocabulary list is another way to prepare for SAT vocabulary. Vocabulary lists integrated into a lesson plan can quickly expand your vocabulary and assist on a variety of standardized tests. has a large assortment of vocabulary lists to help you with your SAT test prep. Students can build their vocabulary skills and proficiency through online games and activities at We have everything you need for success on the SAT at Vocabulary is Fun!