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Prepare for the SAT with SAT Tutors is the perfect place to prepare for your standardized test. Our extensive array of vocabulary lists and free online vocabulary games allows you to successfully prepare for any type of exam. Whether you’re looking to improve vocabulary for the SAT, GMAT, GRE, or FCAT, we have all the preparation instruments you need. Our website acts as the perfect SAT online tutor, and provides you with a variety of test-taking strategies.

Practice SAT Vocabulary

When it comes to SAT tutors and learning your SAT vocabulary, there are many different techniques. Our SAT Game is a flawless way to learn and test your SAT vocabulary while still having some fun. The SAT Game utilizes multiple choice type questions to complete sentences with words at the SAT 1000 level. Along with general word knowledge, the SAT Game also employs some critical thinking skills and promotes good test-taking strategies.

Great Games for Preparation

Vocabulary is Fun has numerous games, quizzes, and other activities to help you prepare for any kind of exam. MatchIt is a game that uses grammar, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills. The MatchIt Game asks you to fill in the blank from a library of words on the side. You must complete each sentence with the word that best fits according to its meaning and usage. As the game gets easier, you may choose to move up in difficulty level and challenge yourself even more.

The Vocabulary Quiz is another outstanding game for standardized test preparation. The Vocabulary Quiz uses sentence context to help you determine the meaning of a word, which is one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary. While playing the Vocabulary Quiz, you’ll be able to choose from 16 topics with over 1600 questions. Answer them all correctly in multiple-choice format!

Free online vocabulary games are a fantastic SAT tutor, and can help you gain a higher score on any standardized test. Vocabulary is Fun allows you to prepare for your test while still having fun! as an SAT Tutor

While can drastically improve your score on the vocabulary section of the SAT, can improve your score on the writing section! Time4Writing utilizes one-on-one interaction with a qualified online teacher to improve writing skills. Through eight-week online writing courses, you’ll be able to prepare for the SAT and have a personal SAT online writing tutor.