Speed Reading Software: A Guide

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Speed Reading Software: A Guide

The 7 Speed Reading software is a useful program that is designed for those who wish to learn to speed read in the comfort of their own home – at their own pace. The beauty of this software is that it offers a wide range of different speed reading techniques and strategies. Not only that, the 7 Speed Reading program also provides the user with a number of different activities. This is particularly useful as it helps individuals to learn in the way that best suits them. The software also comes with a range of diverse, entertaining materials and it is super user friendly.

Software overview

With the 7 Speed Reading program, the user is able to learn quickly and efficiently how to increase their reading speed. The average person will read about 200 to 250 words per minute; the average speed reader can read anywhere from 400 to 1000 words per minute. The 7 Speed reading program is designed to take the average reader and give them the skills they need to achieve these speeds. Bad habits such as re-reading and sub-vocalisation (‘saying’ the words in your head) are eliminated to achieve faster speeds with a high level of comprehension.

Learning techniques

When using the 7 Speed Reading program, a number of techniques and strategies for increasing reading speed are presented. Many program only offer several strategies, but this software includes 7 strategies to help accelerate reading speeds. The strategies include essentials such as reduction of sub-vocalisation, directional reading to help the reader progress more quickly down the page and other advanced strategies to improve memory, comprehension and recollection of what they have read (a must for those who are studying or do a lot of work related reading).

Learning activities

Not everyone learns in the same way – and the developers of this software have recognised that. The 7 Speed Reading program offers 15 different types of learning activities, so that you can vary your learning process and achieve strong results more rapidly. This makes the learning process more diverse and more successful.

Included materials

One of the other things that the user will find when working with the 7 Speed Reading program is that the software offers access to a greater range of reading materials than many other programs. The great thing about this is that it provides you, as a prospective speed reader, with the opportunity to get access to materials that are of interest. You’ll find you are more stimulated while learning and have a higher level of motivation to read and do well.

Getting the most out of the software

To get the most from the 7 Speed Reading software, it is recommended that you spend 7 minutes per day practicing the strategies and techniques included. This can be increased if so desired, and with the range of interesting and relevant reading materials you may well wish to spend even more time practicing your new skill set.

Developing the ability to speed read provides you with a set of skills that you can use throughout your life. Using this software, you’ll enjoy challenging yourself to excel and continue to increase your reading pace; while also having access to interesting and diverse reading materials with which to practice.