Speed Reading Software Freeware 2

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Speed reading software freeware

Ever since the internet became available to the masses, people will look for any free version of a product that they can find. Weight loss strategies, computer repair tips, and dating tips are just a few examples of the various topics that offer some kind of free information on the internet. However, this scenario brings up the old adage “You get what you pay for.” Most of the time, regardless of the product or service, this adage is very true. If something is free then it likely will not produce the results of the more expensive versions. So it goes with speed reading software freeware.

There are quite a few cautions to downloading the freeware. First and foremost is the intangible nature of the item. If you download software from the internet, there is no back up disk. Many people who make this type of software have restriction codes that prevent people from making a CD copy. This means that in the event the file becomes corrupted, or the computer crashes, you will not have a way to restore the program.

Another risk involves giving away your personal data. Some publishers will not release their software without getting your name, email address, physical address and even a credit card number. This could be the work of a scam artist or worse an identity thief. Keeping your information guarded against these types of people should be a priority.

The most common and possibly detrimental issue with any freeware is the possibility of viruses. Computer hackers develop viruses that can hide on a computer hard drive and lay undetected by the best security software. These viruses can steal personal information from the computer and send it to a remote host site, exposing the computer owner to hackers and thieves. And to make matters worse, the virus can crash the computer and attach itself to outgoing files via email in order to crash other unsuspecting individuals.

Most speed reading software freeware has a built in flaw that is self defeating. This type of software uses a “one size fits all” mentality which means there is no customization of the software. If you can learn with the methods provided, then you are ok. However, if you need to change something, or if you’re particular learning style does not work with the freeware, then it is a waste of time.

Most people like to get something for free. However, it is usually not the best product available. It is usually wiser and safer to take the time to research and compare different speed reading software systems and pay for the one that best meets your needs.