Speed Reading Software Freeware

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Speed Reading Software Freeware

Generally I would recommend against free ware in speed reading software, for two reasons. Firstly, the quality of such free ware is generally lower than that of a paid software from some reputable company, and secondly, it’s very hard to discriminate between the different free speed reading software and sites available on the net.

However, the advantage of free ware is obviously, that it is free, and if you can afford the time needed to go through different softwares, you can easily find lots of interesting programs to help you with your speed reading and it won’t cost you a cent. There’s one thing that you really have to beware of, before you even begin trying free software, and that’s viruses. Lets say that you do a search on the net for ‘Speed Reading Software Freeware’ and you get a long list of results – after going through them quickly, you decide on four or five sites whose software sounds good, at least from the descriptions.

Now just hold on for one moment. Before you download any of that software, do a search about each software that you’re interested in, and read some user reviews and see whether there’s any danger of any of the software you’re downloading carrying any viruses, always a danger with free ware. Also, before you even think of installing any free ware, you should have a good anti virus software like AVG 8 or 9 installed, or you might very easily install a virus along with your speed reading software. You see why I recommend a paid speed reading software like 7 Speed Reading – you get everything you need to enhance your speed reading ability, and with none of the risk associated with free ware.

Now, if you think you can navigate all the risks of free software, how do you acquire the perfect speed reading program for yourself. Well, you might have to get not one but several programs to develop the full set of skills that you need to effectively speed read. You’ll need one set of programs that train the muscles of your eyes to read faster, and also your reading technique. This won’t be hard to get, because there are many softwares out there to help you read faster, at least from the physical and mechanical point of view.

However, not many softwares will also help you with exercises that enhance your comprehension as you read – you’ll have to look around a bit and find something good. Lastly, you will also need some free memory enhancing softwares to train how well what you speed read is imprinted into your brain. This is crucially important, because text that you speed read is typically placed in short term memory, and quickly forgotten.

You need to acquire software that will train your memory processes so that the text that you speed read gets transferred to long term memory. The free memory enhancing software that you download need not even be connected with speed reading – just make sure that it is effective.

As you can see, it really is best to pay the minimal amounts for some good paid software, for the simple reasons that it is safe and contains everything that you need in one composite software. A good speed reading software like 7 Speed Reading is a fine combination of effectiveness and value for price.