Spelling Computer Programs – Why Software Is So Important

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Spelling Computer Programs – Why Software Is So Important

Spelling programs for the computer are important because the use of computers is so prevalent in society these days that learning to spell on them correctly is vital for schoolchildren, and adults. Word processing has taken over from pen, and paper in today’s fast-paced electric world, so the ability to communicate effectively, and accurately is critical, especially in the professional workplace, and other environments that demand quality literacy.

In Britain, for instance, the Royal Mail discovered through its research that bad spelling, and grammar was costing businesses £700m a year, and that nearly a third of consumers ended their relationship with a company because of poor media communications, or shoddy correspondence.

Schools are using computers more, and more in every day lessons, so children are being taught correct keyboard skills at a very early age, which will be of great benefit, as they grow older. This helps with spelling to a degree, but there is more that can be done to help children, and even adults learn, or improve their spelling. When typing an essay, or important email memo to a company, it is sometimes too easy to rely on the in-built spellchecker that comes with your word processing program.

However, the spellchecker doesn’t always work, and won’t recognize some words if they are not spelled accurately enough in the first place. Correct spelling is therefore still important.

That’s why spelling programs for the computer have been developed, and designed with computer-users in mind in an effort to assist those needing help with their spelling who may take to the task better on a computer than other traditional methods such as word games, and the straight forward “speak-copy” technique.

But these non-computer methods are not very inspiring, and lack any appeal for the spelling student to get actively involved. Because of this learning to spell can seem like a real chore.

It follows then that learn to spell computer software needs to be of a good standard to entice the spelling student to use it if it is going to succeed in its purpose. The programs need to be simple to use, achieve results, and be engaging all at the same time.

One program that achieves all three is Ultimate Spelling by eReflect. You can tell this just by looking at the website, and the impressive screenshots that depict a program that combines easy-on-the-eye graphics, simple toolbars, and instructions, and straight forward practice areas so one can work on spelling by definition, sound, or word construct. For schoolchildren there are 100 word lists for those in Grades 1-10, and a mega-dictionary/thesaurus containing over 142,000 words which helps adults expand their spelling skills with more difficult words. Users can even create their own lists for the words that are giving the most grief. The personalized tracking system ensures each individual user receives continuous monitoring, and a graph chart details the progress made.

All in all, Ultimate Spelling has everything one could wish for in an educational computer program. When it comes to raising standards in spelling on computers, Ultimate Spelling software could well go on to become the industry standard.