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Spelling Made Really Simple

It is not cool being the lame parent. For me, it is even worse since I am a school teacher. Every thing I say and how I dress and behave are just additional reasons for my children to make an old lady, school marm joke.

Coming up with a “not so lame” way to help my youngest daughter (who as wonderful as she is – can be distracted by paint drying on the wall) with her spelling was quite an ordeal for me. Despite my educational background and recognition of the best, educational practices, I am still a lecturer at heart, and I have very little tolerance for those who can’t do the easy things quickly.

I really needed something to make spelling simple for my little girl. Because of her attention deficit condition, I also needed something to hold her interest. More than anything, I want a spelling aid for my daughter that she will use for many years. I want more than a book you can complete or a box of spelling cards that grow repetitive over time. Either of those would have my daughter staring at the ceiling in no time at all.

To make children eager to participate in their own educations, the lessons must be undercover. What I mean by this is that the teaching strategy should involve a fun element as well. This appealing element should be so exciting that the child forgets that he or she is actually learning. In a way, the spelling tools, though very effective and present, should seem as if they are practically nonexistent.

Unfortunately, I discovered this later on, after I tried many other options that would supposedly make spelling quite simple. Since my daughter loves to play games, I bought a Hangman game. The first couple of days (well to be honest – only the first day), my daughter enjoyed the game and spending quality time with me. As I said, it didn’t take long for my daughter to grow bored of the game or our “bonding time” so I moved on to something else – bribery.

My daughter’s two favorite thins are money and arcade and video games. For passing her spelling tests, I promised her both. Obviously, working for a living and for what she wants is not going to be one of my daughter’s strengths because when she didn’t make her goal the first week, she quickly gave up on the challenge, even though I greatly encouraged her continued efforts.

Finally, I went on the Internet and searched for a way to help my daughter via Google. I came across several software programs, but near the top of the rankings was a program called Ultimate Spelling. There was something about the name, “Ultimate” that I really liked since ultimate means the best, the top performance.

When I ended up purchasing the software, I quickly realized that the name of the program meant what it said, Ultimate Spelling. It truly is the Ultimate Spelling aid that makes spelling really simple. To introduce the program to my daughter, I actually had her install the program herself, and since she installed it, she was the first one to explore the contents.

There are so many engaging activities in the program that now my little girl is always trying to do more. Every Monday, she comes home and enters her new spelling list into the program without me even mentioning it. Then she starts practicing the words and quizzing herself. Her spelling grade has improved dramatically; she is passing the class now. The new problem is actually her other classes; if only could stay away from Ultimate Spelling long enough to study for them. Now there should be an Ultimate Math, an Ultimate Language Arts, and so on.