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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

Spelling Made Really Simple

Your little daughter Janey is certainly an inquisitive child, and eager to learn, but spelling out the word ‘mouse’ for her for the fifteenth time is becoming just a little too taxing even for you, the most devoted of parents. If only there was a way of making spelling really simple?

Well, hold on to your hats, because the answer to that is spelling has been made really simple, and it comes courtesy of top educational software designer’s eReflect. Their bods in the science room have come up with Ultimate Spelling, the most complete, and user-friendly spelling aid on the market.

Created with school children in mind from Grades 1-10, Ultimate Spelling is actually great fun for all the family to use – including mum, and dad. With 100 spelling lists to work with, Ultimate Spelling has been designed to ensure children can learn at their own pace, but always achieve results, and therefore make progress as they get older.

For each grade, there are 10 spelling lists that are contemporary, and match the current education standard. They can be used immediately, giving the student the right words for the right Grade, which means they will always be up to speed with their classmates, and maybe become streets ahead if they enjoy using Ultimate Spelling as much as others have done in the past. Ultimate Spelling also gives the user the ability to create their own class spelling lists so they can practice to their hearts content. This is especially useful if the child has specific words they are struggling with. By using Ultimate Spelling they will soon be mastering these too. This is also ideal for preparing for spelling tests, Spelling Bee’s, and even competitions.

Ultimate Spelling also makes spelling really simple because it doesn’t allow the student to waste time focusing on words they already know. In contrast, the clever software design will only concentrate on the words that are causing problems, or need practice with. The same applies to the tests, and drills, which means the user will only ever be working on the words they really need to know before moving on to the next level.

The instant feedback function of Ultimate Spelling also let’s the student know when they have made a mistake and how to correct it. The program ensures the correct spelling is typed at least once before the user can continue. To encourage the student, positive rewards are given for each correct spelling to promote a psychological connection to that correct spelling. Told you it was clever.

And with its massive dictionary, and thesaurus with 142,647 words, you dear parent will never have to struggle to find an appropriate word for your child to learn ever again! The dictionary even has up to 6 usage examples for each word so your child can learn how words are used in real life. But that is not all, because they will also know exactly how to pronounce every word they learn thanks to the 20,147 audio pronunciations included in the program (with a real human voice – NOT a computer voice) which allows Ultimate Spelling to dictate words to them. The addition of Word Discover is also a handy extra as it will automatically surf the web and find all kinds of information on the words they use if they feel like investigating further.

So, for all parents out there wondering whether spelling can be made really simple – the answer is yes it can, just check out www.ultimatespelling.com!