Spelling Made Very Simple: A Review Of Top-Selling Software

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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

Spelling Made Very Simple: A Review Of Top-Selling Software

Learning to spell is one of the fundamental skills taught in schools when children first enter education, and it continues to be a skill required right through until the final exams have been taken by 10th Grade if excellence is to be attained.

Of course young people might argue that people don’t need to spell well anymore given the speed with which communication works these days with quick-fire texts, and emails that feature “text-speak” abbreviations, but the danger is this shorthand will spill over into the areas where language, and perfect spelling are important. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t get away with a badly-written thesis at University riddled with spelling mistakes, or that marketing pitch you are being paid top dollar to produce.

Good spelling IS still crucial in today’s world, and will continue to be so, even though word processing packages have spell-checkers. Being able to spell well cuts time, and gives one a sense of power, and esteem.

With that in mind it is good to see there are so many software programs available for children, young people, and indeed adults to use on their computers, and laptops with which to learn, and improve their spelling.

Some of the top selling products on the market includes: Spelling Made Simple, BigIQkids, SpellQuizzer, iSpellwell, Personal Best Spelling, and Ultimate Spelling. Although all of them would appear to provide good spelling tuition at very reasonable prices, not all of them have been designed for all age groups.

The exception is Ultimate Spelling, and this what gives it the edge.

Created by renowned educational software company eReflect, Ultimate Spelling is the most comprehensive program available that not only takes the task of learning to spell seriously, but also makes it incredibly fun at the same time in a very user-friendly, and not too childish design. They have got everything right by thinking right across the board, and not just thinking of one particular age group. Whether you are 5 or 55, using Ultimate Spelling is fun, and rewarding…and works.

The clever thing with this package is that it doesn’t allow the user to move on to the next word to be learned until he/she has spelt that word correctly at least once. In fact there are many such features within the Ultimate Spelling program that it is hard to know which is the best aspect. Is it the 100 word lists containing 10 separate lists per school Grades 1-10, or is it the massive 142, 647 word dictionary/thesaurus which safely covers all words that are necessary to know, as well as new ones that will provide a challenge for those keen to widen their vocabulary.

Ultimate Spelling also features special tracking elements within the program to help the spelling student to gauge their progress, and development, always ensuring they are ready to take the next step in difficulty. Another cute thing is that the program won’t go over old words once they have been learned, thus saving time. Students can also create their own word lists if they need to practice for school tests.

Whichever way you look at it, Ultimate Spelling is learning to spell made very simple, and does exactly what it says on the packet.