Spelling Software For Adults – How It Works

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Spelling Software For Adults – How It Works

Following a five-year US government study costing $14 million, the conclusion was made that a staggering 48.7% of all adults are functionally illiterate. In other words, nearly one half of the entire population of American adult citizens read, and writes so poorly they are below the poverty line, and cannot secure themselves a minimum-working wage.

This astounding statistic was first published in 2006 in the government paper entitled Adult Literacy in America, and makes uncomfortable reading…for those who can read obviously.

But now, thanks to the advent of computer software, learning to read, and write has been made a whole lot easier for adults who may have missed out on the right education in childhood, or were somehow left behind in the classroom high school scramble.

Learning to spell for adults couldn’t be simpler now that there are some superb programs for home-study or education center workstation. Access to computers is almost available on every street corner these days, so with the right help from friends, and family, or through their own motivation, adults who could do with improving their spelling in order to improve their lives, can now do so without any excuse, and hardly any expense.

One of the best products on the market because of its simple-to-use design is Ultimate Spelling by eReflect. Okay, so the front cover of the package looks a little too childish perhaps for most adults taste, but once they have overcome that small hurdle, and started using the program they will find it does everything they need it to do to get them learning how to spell. After all, the great thing is you don’t have to be a genius speller to use a computer.

In a nutshell, students using Ultimate Spelling get instant feedback so they know when they have made a mistake, and how to correct it. The program then ensures the student types the correct spelling at least once before they can continue. The student then receives a positive reward for each correct answer which encourages a deep psychological connection to the correct spelling.

There is also a personalized tracking graph for the student to check their development, and progress as they work their way through the program. The software also has 100 built-in lists currently used in schools from Grades 1-10, so the adult student can be confident they are receiving up-to-date learning. And with a 142,647 word dictionary/thesaurus ready for access at the click of a button, the budding new Spelling Bee wannabe, will have plenty of content to test themselves with. In addition, the program also features a “human” voice to provide audio pronunciation of words during the tests, and drills, so the student gets a full working knowledge of the way words sound, as well as how they are spelt.

Being good at spelling is not only about climbing the ladder on the jobs front, but also about self-esteem, personal development, and social interaction. All these elements important to healthy, fruitful living can be attained with just the very basic spelling, and literacy skills.

But if that front cover of Ultimate Spelling is putting you off – don’t let it. You can always say you are buying it for a friend.