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Spelling Software for Children

Even teachers admit that spelling is difficult. What can you do besides give the kids the words and ask them to memorize them? You can have them rewrite the words five times each night or write a sentence using each word, but this is really nothing more than busy work.

Most students finding spelling to be just as difficult. While students may enjoy memorizing movie lines and song lyrics, there is nothing fun about memorizing spelling words in a traditional classroom setting. To be honest, it is straight out boring. If a teacher ever complains that your child is falling asleep in spelling class, you should not even give your child a consequence, that’s how boring most spelling classes are.

That is the reason why more and more parents and teachers are turning to interactive, spelling software programs which allow students to determine their own spelling successes in a fun environment. One such program is the Ultimate Spelling Software which can be customized so that a child can create her own word lists. The software is very easy to manage, and children can use the exciting components of the system to make spelling easier.

The Ultimate Spelling Software contains a gigantic dictionary and thesaurus with over 10,000 words and examples. For classroom style test practices without being in a classroom, children can use the automated voice feature that is a part of the software. A human voice will call out spelling words, just like the teacher would. This allows students to practice in a similar testing environment, and not only reinforces the spelling words, but it also helps alleviate test anxiety.

The use of the Ultimate Spelling Software, for instance, enables a child to work on spelling lists on her own, with only minimal guidance from a parent or teacher. It has various features that would stimulate a child’s interest, such as illustrations of the words and standard audio pronunciations for more than 20,000 words. This can successfully replace a human pronouncing the words to be learned one by one, thus giving the user a free hand in controlling the pace of her learning.

Computer technology is a great way to enhance learning. Statistics show that students who use computer software programs, in addition to their regular classroom instruction, are more likely to be successful academically than students who do not use educational software products.

As a parent, when you are selecting spelling software for your child, you want to make sure that the program you purchase is appropriate for your child’s grade level and that it really supports learning. Some spelling programs are more about game playing that improving spelling ability. The ideal spelling system should be engaging yet productive in terms of raising spelling scores. The program should also move along at the child’s pace. Students should move ahead only when they are ready. A great spelling program also rewards all student efforts; this way, students will feel comfortable in attempting assignments. This bestowing of confidence is just one of the many ways that spelling programs for children are quite helpful.