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Spelling Software Reviews

We think you will agree, good, informative reviews about spelling software for computers are hard to find. Thus you may find yourself scratching your head as you trawl the web in search of the right leads to take you to some genuinely instructive comments about what is out there in the way of the best programs. It can be very frustrating, and annoying when you are looking for something in particular, and just can’t get on the right track. The worst thing about searching on the Internet is the knowing what to type in the search box. You may think you have typed the right words, but often you find you have been led up the garden path. Often you find yourself stumbling upon the right sites by accident.

So, having been there, and done that when looking for good spelling programs we decided to write this article, to save you a little time, and needless searching. Call it “community spirit.”

To start with, there are about half-a-dozen websites advertising spelling software programs that regularly crop up depending on what you have typed in the search box. These are Spellzone, Spelling Made Simple, BigIQkids, SpellQuizzer, iSpellwell, and Personal Best Spelling.

The programs highlighted on these sites all look like they will do the job, but to be perfectly honest the sites themselves were either too confusing to get around, or just not attractive at all. Lots of bright colors, and screens full of signposts, icons, and distracting graphics don’t make you want to explore any further. Likewise, there were one or two that just don’t have any appeal whatsoever. One even looked like it was a throwback to the 1950s.

However, there was one program that did stand out from the rest AND it has had an excellent review written about it. The program is called Ultimate Spelling, and the review of this product can be found at www.bestpricepicker.com where you can even take advantage of a discount price if you were to buy the software from this site.

Presumably you might go, and have a look at the review after reading this, but before you do let us just tell you a bit about Ultimate Spelling anyway now that you are here.

Ultimate Spelling has been designed by top educational software specialist eReflect who have been producing expert tuition programs for the last five years, and have a number of highly recommended products in their range of literacy-improvement resources.

Easy on the eyes, and easy on the brain, Ultimate Spelling has a great layout, and simple to use features that enable the spelling student to get right down with their practicing with no fuss, and no complicated maneuvers. It has a good supply of words for schoolchildren in Grades 1-10, and a huge dictionary base of over 142,000 words for adults who might want to try more difficult words. You can create your own lists of problem words, and also get continuous monitoring, and a personalized progress chart so you can see how you are doing. It is the simplicity of the program that makes it so appealing, and also fun to use. You can even keep tabs with your spelling via Windows Messenger when you’re surfing the net, or chatting to friends, or listening to music.

So there you are. There are now two good reviews on spelling software, and hopefully helpful hints about what is on the market. Hope you find what you are looking for.