Spelling Tutorials: How This Software Can Help

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Spelling Tutorials: How This Software Can Help

Writing out spelling words over and over, or completing long spelling tests can be helpful if you are an adult looking to improve your spelling, or a parent trying to encourage your child with their efforts to spell better – but motivation is key to this method working.

However, most people learn much faster when they are actively engaged in what they are learning. Playing word games such as hangman, scrabble, and word search puzzles on a regular basis is one option, although spelling tutorials for the computer are arguably better because using a PC, or laptop is possibly the ultimate resource that is actively engaging for adults, and children.

Subsequently, software program Ultimate Spelling has been designed to do everything to make learning to spell, or improve ones spelling ability, modern, fun, and easy-to-use on a computer.

There are seven things about Ultimate Spelling that make it the ideal spelling tutorial. Firstly, it gives the user instant answers to the words being practiced. The program gives you the meaning of a word such as, “you open this to enter a house.”All you have to do is type the word you think fits that description, and click on the “answer” box. If you typed “door” correctly, you are showered with praise. If you have misspelled it, you are informed of the correct spelling, and then must try to re-spell it. The program won’t allow you to move on to another word until you have spelled “door” properly.

That’s the modern bit, although there are other features that make full use of computer technology. For instance, the program holds an amazing 142,647 words in its dictionary/thesaurus, and has a “human” voice so you can hear how over 20,000 words are pronounced, as hearing the sounds of words is an important part of learning, or improving ones spelling. It also allows spelling practice to be carried out via Windows Messenger, so you can continually be updating your skills even when surfing the net, or loistening to kjusic, or chatting to friends.

For schoolchildren there are 100 word lists containing the main words that they should know from Grade 1. There are lists for Grades 1-10, with 10 lists per grade that become steadily more difficult the more words that are learned. As well as this, Ultimate Spelling also allows you to create your own word lists so you can focus even more on the ones you need to practice.

This software also helps with spelling because it has the ability to create individual progress charts for each user. After every spelling session, the tracking system monitors the results of the drills/tests, and then logs them on a unique personalized graph so that the user can see how they have been doing from the moment they start using the program. Also, the program saves you time by only concentrating on the words you haven’t mastered yet, as it won’t go over ones you already know.

All in all, spelling tutorials for home computer study are a great way to actively engage the spelling student of whatever age. Ultimate Spelling is one piece of software that really can help.