Learning Spelling

Given recent technological developments such as spell-checkers and texting (which encourages intentional misspellings in the name of speed), knowledge of proper spelling is more important than ever, especially for kids as they will continued…

All Ages Spelling Games

Alphabetize the Months Alphabetize the Colors
Learn Vowels & Consonants Practice Vowels & Consonants
Crossword Puzzle Guess The Word Search
Bouncing Letters Playing Some Great Games & Learning Too!

K-2nd Grade Spelling Games

Letter Blocks Word Builder Ramona Forever Spelling Game
Unscramble and Spell Dolch Words Unscramble and Spell Math Word
Unscramble and Spell Science Words Waiting For The Fun To Start!

3rd-5th Grade Spelling Games

3-5 Grade Word Builder Bridge to Terabithia Spelling Game
Spell Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Words Unscramble and Spell Science Words

6th-8th Grade Spelling Games

Call of the Wild Spelling Game Old Yeller Spelling Game
Spell Basal Reader Vocab Words Unscramble and Spell FCAT Math

9th-12th Grade Spelling Games

1984 Vocabulary Unscramble Game Romeo and Juliet Spelling Game
Unscramble and Spell SAT Math Enjoy The Games!


need to spell correctly not only throughout school and university but also when they enter the workforce. Moreover, educators have shown that spelling not only improves reading and writing fluency but also vocabulary and comprehension. A great way to learn and/or reinforce proper spelling at various levels is through fun online spelling games.

Whether studying for the local or national spelling bee, online vocabulary builder and spelling games are an excellent way to practice. Students can enter their own spelling words lists and then choose “test me”, “teach me” or “play”. Many spelling resources are also available to spelling teachers who wish to prepare spelling quizzes.

In fact, teachers looking for spelling words by grade level can find spelling vocabulary specific to each level. For example, the primary grades learn to spell Dolch words (the 220 most common words in the English language, aka “sight words”), while kids in grades 3-5 are taught to spell science terms. At the middle school level, it becomes particularly important for kids to spell FCAT math vocabulary words correctly just as high school students must practice to spell SAT math terms.

ESL students also greatly benefit from learning proper spelling as spoken English is quite different from written English. That said, whatever the level, the importance of spelling in today’s highly technical world is clear.