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The Best Vocabulary Software Out There

Okay, so you are the sort of person who becomes frustrated when you can’t think of a particular word, annoyed when you can’t remember the definition for another, and feel embarrassed when you mispronounce all the time. You feel humiliated when trying to join in with conversations with those who seem to know better-sounding words than you, and in fact you feel downright envious. But you’ve had enough of feeling like that, and now you are going to do something about it.

You’ve heard the best way to improve vocabulary is by using computer software home tutorial programs – but which is the best vocabulary software out there? Hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for here right here.

You could try a program called Power Vocabulary Builder, or one called WordSmart. However, this reviewer would recommend Ultimate Vocabulary. For one thing, Ultimate Vocabulary has an astonishing 142,647 words in its database compared to Power Vocabulary Builder (2,200), and WordSmart (400). But it’s not just the sheer number of words it has for you to learn, impressive though it is, as it also has a whole range of features that makes this software unbeatably good value.

As well as the huge amount of words in this software dictionary, you will also find audio pronunciations of 20,000 words (thanks to the in-built “human” voice), plus 10,000 words the developers have selected as “ultimate” words that everyone should know in these modern times. It has been said that there are over 500,000 words in the English language, and that there are 5,000 words we all should know to make us stand out from the crowd. With nearly 143,000 words in its database, and 10,000 “ultimate” words, it would seem Ultimate Vocabulary has got both areas well covered in this program to make it unquestionably the best vocabulary software out there.

Another plus mark is the fact you get 50 examples of how to use a particular word you are learning, and in what context you might find it in everyday life. This is great because it means you can really get to grips with a word, and understand its usage. Also, this vocabulary software is the best because it has an extensive set of exercises, and tests, and a unique personal monitoring system that chart your learning progress in an easy to read graph. The creators of this software have really done their homework, because not only has it got everything you need to improve, and enhance your knowledge of words, it is also a program that is dead easy to use, with a simple, unfussy on-screen layout that is very easy on the eye. There’s nothing better than finding a program that you can just whiz around like driving a car.

And talking of whizzing – the makers of Ultimate Vocabulary are so confident in their product they reckon just 10 minutes is all it takes to be learning between 4-14 new words a day. This reviewer has tried it – and they’re right. If you are a student, business professional, or simply someone looking to increase their vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the best vocabulary software out there longitudinally!